Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello. Three months has passed and I'm here blogging again!

Finally completed my last CFAB paper ; PTX. And I'm done with CFAB! I'll be starting my internship/WBL on 1st April 2014. A new chapter to adventure in, hopefully it will be a good and memorable one! Please treat me nice my dear seniors!


The beginning of the last stage in CFAB. Principle of Taxation (PTX). Bittersweet moments with this subject, like all subjects actually, but I'm glad I managed to pull it through and pass it. Thank you Mr Ang for your constant guidance. Hoping that my class gets a 100% pass rate again! Free lunch please!

We had our free lunch with Mr.Jack as we had a 100% pass rate for his paper, Business & Finance! We ate at Chili's in Empire Shopping Gallery.

with Mr. Jack! 

January 18, 2014

Maxine turned another year older. She's 10 this year. Please study hard my dear sister. It was a small celebration between my sister, me, grandma, cousin and my aunt. Mum was out station and dad wasn't home. 

 Delicious cake from Bakers Cottage

January 23, 2014

Passed my first Progress Test for PTX and we went to Yuen Steamboat Buffet to celebrate on completion of PT1 and our early group reunion dinner. Okay, we just wanted to eat steamboat. 

The Chicken Wings were good


January 26, 2014

Celebrated Timothy and Ming Han's 19th Birthday at Euro Deli ! Had a great and hilarious night of laughter with everyone there. The food was great as well ! 

The Birthday Boys :
Timothy & Ming Han 


A hectic month. So many things happened during this month. Some good and some bad.

Chinese New Year this year wasn't as merry as the last few years. It was just a simple one for us this year.

My Vios had a collision with another vehicle when my father was driving it. So I didn't get to drive my car for the entire month.

Annual Yee Sang with the classmates! 

February 8, 2014

Kah Sheong threw his annual Chinese New Year Party which is always the bomb.

Thanks for the great night 

February 14, 2014

Firm Visits to the Big 5 started off with KPMG and BDO on Valentines Day.



We were stuck in traffic for two hours when we came back from BDO. KL traffic is horrible. Not to mention that the bus has to go all the way back to Sunway College. So practically took my three whole hours to get home. I was in a mad rush and full of impatient throughout the whole ride home.

I had a Valentines Dinner with my friends to celebrate Yong Teng's belated birthday as well as Amanda's farewell party as she was leaving for Australia the following day. By the time I got home, it was already 8 P.M. Dinner was to begin at 7P.M. So I thought I didn't had a chance to go anymore as my parents were not at home to fetch me. However, luck was on my side that day. When I got home, I called Tao Juen if by any chance he could pick me up, and he said yes! He could make a detour back to my place and pick me up! Oh the joy! Not gonna spend my Valentines Day alone! 

We had dinner at The Apartment 
A great Valentine's Day spent with good friends

February 17, 2014

Visited Ernst & Young located at Menara Milenium. Such a gorgeous place. I could see the twin towers from their lobby. But I guess auditors by any chance won't even visit the lobby during working hours, or ever. 

 Ernst & Young

February 20, 2014

Visited another auditing giant, Pricewaterhousecoopers, also known as PwC. I went there by LRT because I didn't want to travel all the way to Sunway College and sit through the KL traffic to PwC's office.


February 21, 2014

Deloitte, the firm which I will be going for my internship. Deloitte had moved from their Uptown office to TTDI. Which is still quite near to my house. I won't complain, but if it was at Uptown, I could have walked to work! But I doubt I would anyways, plus Uptown is like a food heaven! But then again, traffic and parking there is pretty hectic all the time. So perhaps their move to TTDI isn't such a bad idea. 

We had a surprise assessment given to us on that day. It was three sets of IQ questions. The first set consisted of 100 questions, second set 50/70 questions ( I don't quite remember already), and the last was an essay writing assessment. On that very day, Deloitte said that they would be giving out offers to us. I was one of the lucky candidates that got pick that very day. I hesitated for a while as I had other offers from different firms too, but after a long thought, I went for Deloitte. They were the first firm that gave me the opportunity, and I cherish this opportunity given. Little did we know, Deloitte managed to grab in up to 11 of my classmates too. Well, guess I will be seeing most of the classmates during my internship. 


February 24, 2014

We had our last class with Ms. Jacqueline. It was mainly just our second presentation. My group and I did on Singapore Tourism. 

with Ms. Jacqueline 

 Thank You for the delicious cupcakes Ms. Jacqueline! I'm gonna miss your cupcakes and cookies :( 

February 25, 2014

We had an impromptu lunch all the way at Klang as we had 6 hours break that day. Food was good, I was hungry so everything tasted good to me.  

We then headed back to my house to chill and pass the time till 5:30PM as we had excel class that evening. Why did we even bother to go? We had a great laugh while playing the Xbox. Laughed until my stomach pain! 

Before we headed back to college, we went and had some Cendol. 

MARCH 2014

March 6, 2014

Lastly, we visited Grant Thornton which was located at the Sheraton Hotel. It was a medium accounting firm as compared to the previous Big 5. But the refreshment they gave was one of the best. Okay, the blueberry cheese tarts and pastries won over me. 

 Grant Thornton

March 7, 2014

Finally passed my PTX Mock2 after failing PT2 and Mock. So to celebrate, Sheong brought me to his friend's house and we made Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon! It tasted pretty darn nice if I do say so myself. A little too much cheese, but hey, I like cheese anyways ;) We had a nice tea session then we went and watched Frozen. Thanks Tzy Yang for inviting me over! :) I had a great day! 

Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon

March 8, 2014

The world is looking at Malaysia now because of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane MH370. 
MH370: Malaysians In New York Hold Special Prayer
When will they ever find the plane?

March 9, 2014

 Happy Birthday Tao Juen! 

Thanks for inviting me over for cake. We played Mafia and I was the Mafia three times in a row. Mafia won the game. haha.

March 12, 2014

Last class with Mr. Ang

I'm going to miss my CFAB days like crazy! Gonna cherish these good times! When work and ICAEW stage starts, I sense hell coming my way. But life goes on.  

How should I spend my short one week plus holiday? I'm already bored to death and its only day 2. Help. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


24 hours to go till results are out. Just sat for one of the toughest paper I ever did. I'm praying with my life that I'll pass this. Dear Lord, please bless me! It me get through this! I really hope I get to post a happy update tomorrow. Please please please.

Update : Passed! THANK YOU DEAR LORD! Passing each of my paper is like winning a lottery every single time.  

because of my hectic study schedule, I have neglected my blog every three months. Which is approximately the period of each of my semester. Which also means one post in every three months this year. 

Lets do a little recap over the past few months shall we?

26 October 2013 ;

CFAB Exchange Lunch @ the Atrium Cafe in Sunway's Hotel and Resorts

Batch 11

With all the lovely ladies :

We planned to all dress up together for this event! First time dressing up with the girls! The night before we were spamming each other on Whatsapp to decide on what to wear! Lets do it again soon girls! :)

After the free lunch from Sunway TES, we headed down to Kuala Lumpur! The ladies sat in Quan Xin's car while the guys had to take the bus and then the LRT all the way there. Privilege of being a girl yay? 

Caryn had gotten a free room at the Swiss-Garden Residences. A little getaway before hectic November starts and also a great time to throw her a surprise party while at it! Her birthday was the day before. I however didn't slept over with the gang :( Oh well, it was an absolutely fun day nonetheless!   

Swiss Garden Residences is located near a LRT station. or is it a MRT? I have no idea. Anyhow, lets just say that public transport is easily reached. We walked from the Residence to the Station is minutes and off we went to Lot 10!

Kai Wen bought coupons from LivingSocial to eat at Teeq Brasseries! It was pretty worth it considering that we only need to pay half the price! The environment was lovely too! Its located on Lot10's rooftop.

at Teeq Brasseries

Pictures taken on Lot 10's rooftop:

We spent a lot of time taking pictures and just enjoying the night. We decided to go back to the hotel at around 9:30PM?

At that time, the LRT station was packed with people! The first train came and it was already mad full! Couldn't manage to squeeze in and had to get left behind with Quan Xin and Foong Junn. Sad kids we were haha. After a few minutes passed, the next train came and we were all reunited again.

We did the most YOLO thing that night, well at least I did in my life haha! We forgotten that we had to take the bridge to cross to the other side of the road and we were too lazy to climb up the stairs ( the boys only ) Never in my life am I going to jaywalk on KL roads. The roads were zooming with cars and we decided to make run for it. We made it out alive. Adrenaline rush! WHOOP.

When we came back to the Residence, we had to go up in two batches. Hoping that they won't stop 8 people squeezing into a room hahaha. Which was what we had planned because we had a little surprise up our sleeves for Caryn!

In the afternoon, we managed to ask the Management to help us safe keep the cakes we got for her. We actually took quite long to get everything done, thank goodness she didn't even suspect a thing! Our excuse was actually pretty good too, camwhore mah!

While everyone was chilling, I managed to sneak in the cakes without anyone noticing. HEHE.

Caryn and her 'first' cake.
This is actually the "fake" cake. QX, WT & FJ planned to surprise scare her with a cockroach. So while she was making her wish, FJ placed a fake cockroach on the edge of the plate. When Caryn opened her eyes, she didn't notice it at first till she look down. Her reaction was priceless! Sorry Caryn! We didn't meant to scare you so much, just a little fun okay? Look back to this later in the years and laugh alright!

After that, QX, WT & FJ said they had to go to bed already because they have a marathon in the morning. So she thought that that was the only surprise. Little did she know, they were preparing and arranging the 'actual' cakes in the other room. The girls called us in one by one leaving Caryn alone in the living area until she came curiously. When she came, we started singing Happy Birthday and she literally fell on the floor and was filled with surprise! I bet you didn't had that coming! 

Hope you enjoyed the surprise! 

Cakes from Komugi !

Fun day indeed! 

13 November 2013 ;

After class, a few of us stayed back to give Quan Xin and Wan Jin a surprise birthday. Quan Xin's birthday was actually on the 12th of November and Wan Jin's birthday is on 14 November. The plan was to surprise QX first while making Wan Jin think that no one remembered about her coming birthday and then after making her feel sad, only surprised her. It was pretty successful! Hope you had fun and like the gifts girls!

14 November 2013 ;

Went to an event held at KPMG. Later found out it was titled as ICAEW Student Network 2013. But the talk was mainly about ethics given by Michael Izza, CEO of ICAEW

 CFAB Students Group Shot 

 With one of the speakers who is also a partner at KPMG

22 November 2013 ;

Mum's birthday today! We went to 'The Ship' to celebrate! It was my first time eating there. Food was average, but service was slow. I would rate it 6/10

 Crispy Spring Chicken 

 Grilled Air Flown Fresh Salmon Steak 

 Grilled Fish Fillet 

 Chicken Maryland

Ice Cream

25 November 2013 ;

Done with my Business & Finance paper! Thank You Mr. Jack for being such an awesome lecturer! Look forward to seeing you again soon Sir! Scored 70% for Business & Finance! Thank God that I pass!

27 November 2013 ;

Met the President of ICAEW, Mr. Martyn Jones. A great and funny person! Loved his speech so much!

30 November 2013 ;

Guess what day is today? 

Management Information Mock and my 18th Birthday. What a combo. 

Started my day off bad. Didn't manage to get through my mocks by ONE questions. It's my birthday and this is the kind of luck I get? I'm praying with my life that I'll get through my Finals. Please Pass! 

I was pretty emo after the exam. Man, lets not talk about that, its suppose to be a happy day for me! 

My classmates are the sweetest! Thank you so much all you lovely people! Thanks everyone for the wish! Much appreciated! 

Them singing Happy Birthday to me from the ground floor while I was standing on the first floor! HAHA WHY SO CUTE ONE! 

By now, you should know that my classmates love throwing surprises! Well I was pretty surprise actually! I didn't even expect this at all! After mocks, everyone said they had to rush back and I was actually pretty sad. Thought they forgotten that it was my birthday today and wouldn't be celebrating it with me.

Yik Ming asked me a few days before if I was free on my birthday because he said Kai Wen, Caryn and him confirmed that they wanted to have lunch/celebrate my birthday after mocks. I actually thought it was just four of us having lunch. How naive can I get man! But that was the point right? haha! I'm a sucker for sarcasm. 

After I thought everyone left and went back home, four of us went to Pyramid with Kai Wen's car. Kai Wen parked at the furthest side and made us walk. I don't know if that was intentionally or not but it was pretty funny. Either he wanted to time or he just wanted to make all of us walk more. 

They planned to have lunch at OverTime. OverTime was at the other end of Pyramid when we got out from the carpark. So to drag time, Caryn pulled me into shops after shops! Not that I mind, shopping is my muse. We visited the newly open H&M at Pyramid. Lot 10's H&M still wins hands down. 

After I dunno how long of window shopping, we finally manage to make our way to OverTime. I was mad surprised to see the other group of my classmates all sitting there! They started singing Happy Birthday when I came in. Either I'm a bimbo for not seeing that coming my way or they're really good at throwing surprises. HAHA

We chatted while we waited for our food... Suddenly everyone started singing Happy Birthday again! I turned around and saw Quan Xin, Wen Ting & Foong Junn bringing three slices of cake towards me! Mad touched! I love you guys 

 Cakes! I was to my heart is through my stomach! This was the only cake I got this year. Cherish it! 

 My wishes are gonna be the same for the next few years. Please come true!

 with the boys ;
Kai Wen, Li Gene, Kit Ming, Yik Ming, Jee Joon, Kenny 

 with the girls ;
Quan Xin, Wen Ting, Foong Junn

with Caryn & Wan Jin 

 Thanks for the cute gift QX, WT & FJ! How did you guys know that I'm an inner alcoholic? Hershey's Chocolate in Wine Glasses! 

 Thanks for the gift Wan Jin! 

Thanks for the lunch too guys! Paiseh make you guys pay for my meal :/ After lunch, Kai Wen dropped me and Yik Ming back to college where Yik Ming had parked his car. When we arrived, an asshole had double parked his car and didn't leave his number. Hello, common courtesy please! I should have used a maker and wrote on his car. After 5-10 minutes of honking and waiting, we decided to try and squeeze out. Luckily YM's car was a Myvi, managed to squeeze out without a scratch! 

Reached home around 3PM. I was happily going through the pictures then suddenly Kai Wen texted me asking if I was home, which I was. He said he and Caryn were coming over to pass me my birthday gift! OMG GUYS! ♡  

 Mad cute Ice Cream! Mad yummy too! 

At night, had dinner with the family at Decanter at Section 17. Nice place with good food! Recommended! (Y)

 Family Picture 

 Wild Mushroom Soup

 Hainanese Chicken Chop

 Grilled Chicken 

 Grilled Salmon 

 Roasted Chicken stuffed with Asparagus 

That marks my 18th Birthday. A memorable one indeed! It has been such a long time since I last celebrated my birthday. The past few years were just a simple dinner with the family. I'm really glad and blessed to have met you guys! I'll remember you guys for life! Thanks everyone!