Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Late blogger

I haven't blog for quite some time now......sorry......=D

One week school holiday is's back to school.....waaaaa.......

So much projects to do!!! SEJARAH: I haven't even try starting to do yet.... so lazy la me....hehe.....i want to copy someone's project!!! let me copy!!! please!!! hah! jk, if only anyone of the seniors could give me their past years project which is title: PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL. then it would be great!!! Yeesh...Why in the world do we have to do projects?! haiz.....

Hmm....what i did in the holidays........

One week holiday was wasted like that. I did NOTHING! I barely touch any of my school books or even the sejarah project. I can't play my PS2 for too long, or not i'll go mad. Was watching Tv like crazy until i got a little sick of it, then. 

I watched finish Alice Academy, which i borrowed from Joyce.

I find that brown hair girl(Hotaru) very annoying. Its comedy, haha. 

Lets see....another week passed.........28.3.09

Hehe....i'm continue-ing.....didn't manage to post last week stuff...... This week in American Idol is Motown. Adam Lambert rocked it! THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT!!!--Simon Obviosly!!! Adam always give the best performance..... Althought his hair stlye is weird but it sort of suites the least the next day, results day, his hair was back to normal. Love you Adam! I wish i could vote for you, i know you can do it Adam!!! I'm counting on you to be the next American Idol!!! LOVE YOU ADAM!!! Can't wait for your album! hahah!!!

~~So take a good look at my face,You'll see my smile looks out of place,If you look closer, it's easy to trace,The tracks of my tears~~~..... Adam you seriously sang it so beautifully....I LOVE THE SONG.........Me and my dad kept rewinding back to see you perform, seriously!!! LOL! Hehe....continue-ing again.......

NOOOOOO!!!!! I didn't buy BASKIN ROBBINS!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!

*CRY* *CRY* *CRY* Darn! Now must wait until May. >:(


APRIL FOOL!!! The whole class got tricked by Pn. Margaret, which we ended up laughing like crazy. LOL! I get tricked easily....swt......

..........more projects are pouring in...............

This week, Megan Joy leaves American Idol. Well at least you can go back home to your baby. But anyways, the top 10 gets to go on some summer tour. 


P.P.R WAS A TOTAL FAILURE!!!! I am so sorry la, you guys. Stupid fire would not start. We ended up eating normal, no chocolate maggie mee.........FAILURE!!!! Hopefully there is another chance we can do it again. Something bad happen to me today, i got robbed. My expensive marshmellows got stolen with my chocolate and a packet of maggie mee!!! NOOOO!!!! EEEYER!!! SO PISSED OFF LA! Can't start the stupid fire, my stuff got stolen..EEEEEEEEEE

Oh shit, my tummy feel so uncomfortable, must we some random stuff i ate at PPR.......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ahh....finally, first-term exams' are done! Woopie! Hah....don't get so excited yet, results are what matters. EEEEK!!! Okay, now i shall think really hard what i did in the past and blog, since i haven't blog for the pass week, cause of exams.

Lets' see.... Exams were really near, and i still had an oral presentation to do. It was actually on the week before exam week, but since Miss Ely can't manage to finish it on time, so me and some other people, inculding Meng Xi, had to do our presentation on Monday, exam week. My presentation is about "A Holiday in Gold Coast, Australia"

This is my presentation stuff, besides the kangaroo over there. That kangaroo over there is what gave me the idea to pick this topic, all thanks to Joyce giving away her toy kangaroo to me. I got 14/15 for my first-term oral test! YAY! Next term is group work. Haven't found a group yet thought. Think we have to do drama. OOOOOO

On Wednesday, the exams started. *DOOM* I'm so going to die in my exams. I'll show you when the results come out. ~Please help me God!

The past is the past. Now moving on, American Idol! The show that me and my dad love! American Idol's TOP 13! Congratz!

Left to right:

Up: Allison Iraheta, Scott MacIntyre , Jasmine Murray, Alexis Grace, Megan Corkrey, Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert<3,>

Down: Kris Allen, Jorge Nunez, Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud.

I love Adam! He Rocks and he is so cute! Allison is good too. Scott's great, he the piano genius. LOL! Danny and Megan are good too. Ah, can't wait to know who will be the next American Idol! ADAM ROCKS!!!

Since Exams are over, time to relax and watch TV! I watched finish Special A today, which i started watching yesterday. I LOVE IT!!! SPECIAL A ROCKS!!!!

Its' comedy and romance. My type. *hearts*

Now gonna start watching CODE BLUE!!!

WEEEE!!!! About time!

Today went to sunway pyramid. Cause dad had do to some stuff. So while he was doing his things, me and my mom went looking around. No fun la when all the stuff are freaking expensive. See this, too expensove, walks away. See that, too expensive, walks away. -_-'' So not much fun there. But at least i bought an anime, Nana. It cost RM29.90 at popular. After taking off the popular price tag, the real price tag is RM49.90. So its cheap right??? I want to watch the movie. Nana and Nana2(Kenichi Matsuyawa is in it!)

NANA! 50 episodes!!! Wonder how long will i take to finish it.

Later on, i went to The Curve. And of course, went to BORDERS! The manga section is bigger than tropicana city's, WAY BIGGER. I bought Death Note manga book 5 , 6 and 7. If there was book 8 and 11 there, then i could buy all of them! But sadly, book 8 and 11 don't have!!! EEEEEEEESSSSHHHH!!!! WHY!!! WHY!!! WHY!!!

DEATH NOTE! This is the collection that i MUST complete!!!

Oh and my comp just gone dead. Maybe its because i didn't switch on my comp for a week cause of exams? hah, no way. I want a new laptop, SONY VAIO or a MAC BOOK,which i will will never get..=( ........unless a miracle happens........miracle..........