Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being continued...

Well, this post is about a camp i went on the 1st of December to the 4th. Hopefully, i'll remember some parts. The camp is called, "Fire-up Your Learning, Holiday Camp" by Success Edge at Genting Highland. The trainers were, Mr.Jeya and Mr.UV.

OKay, where should i start now? Well let's me tell you my before perspective of this camp. Actually i didn't want to go since last year, i went to the introduction last year, but decided not to go. But this year, my dad asked me again and i didn't really care much about it, so i just said yes. And there i was, waiting at the Legend hotel(not too sure what it's called...hehe) So clueless.

Soon, the two buses came and i hopped onto one of them. In the bus was REALLY quite. Besides the bus driver and one of the girl in charge. They talked the whole way thru GENTING. OMG. Chatter box la.

Blah, blah, blah.

We then put our luggage in the luggage room and went up to the campus to start up our learning. ;D lol.

First, we interviewed one another and then present your new friend up-front. So let me name you my new friends that i met there. ;DD There were 15 of use, including me. ;)

The 14 others:
Hui Jin

I was still very super shy and quite. I sort of felt left out. But in the end it was okay. ;)

I shared room's with Samantha and Sheril.

I'm not going to go soo detailed, unless i can remember.

On the first day, after introduction and other stuff, we were split into three groups.

My group member's are:

On the second day or was it still the first?? We had a group presentation. We are suppose to memorize 25 words using story and linking method. I was so super fun! ;DD

I think i can still remember. Let me tell you our story, but first let me list in down.

1. Typewriter
2. Snake
3. Washing Machine
4. Teddy Bear
5. Computer
6. Cactus
7. Egyptian mummy
8. Banana
9. Aeroplane
10. Egg
11. Dictionary
12. Coca-cola
13. Telephone
14. House
15. Notebook
16. Bottle
17. Walking stick
18. Noodles
19. Elephant
20. Potted plant
21. Guitar
22. Pair of boots
23. Car
24. Bat
25. Mountain

Okay, first,my group actually talked about ourselves and introduce and know more about each other in the group first before we started this activity. Cause we were still so clueless about each other and shy, so Antony suggested that we get to know each other and our goal of doing this activity, this actually made us more comfortable with each other. I took us about a couple of minutes. Then Mr. Jeya came and check on us, cause we were the group that went out of the campus room to discuss this activity. He was so shocked that we were still at number 1, Typewriter. So he asked us to hurry it up cause the other two groups were almost done. Then Antony said, we have a strategy and our story gonna rock! Semangat! TEEHEE.

So we shared ideas and opinion about how the story should go. And then, an AWESOME story was made!

So let me begin...

I have this gigantic
TYPEWRITER that i have to use my legs to type. *STOMP* *STOMP* *STOMP* Suddenly this huge SNAKE attacked me when i was typing. So i quickly went and took my WASHING MACHINE and throw it at the snake. Then, millions of TEDDY BEARS came bursting out and formed a gigantic monster teddy bear ...with COMPUTER screens as eyes! So i ran and hid inside a CACTUS and stayed there for over a million years and so i turned into an EGYPTIAN MUMMY. When i came out of the cactus, i stepped onto a BANANA peal and slipped and it flew up into the air and hit an AEROPLANE and it started to crash. I was eating an EGG that time cause i haven't eaten in a million years. I was in panic and went and look up in the DICTIONARY. But all there said in the dictionary was COCA-COLA COCA-COLA COCA-COLA. I got so mad that i picked up my TELEPHONE and called my HOUSE. And the my house told me to go check the NOTEBOOK. The notebook told me where to find the magic BOTTLE and told me to rub it. When i rubbed it, a magical old genie with a WALKING STICK. Old genie said:"Before i grant you your wish, first you have to buy me some NOODLES from Uncle ELEPHANT shop." So i went and find Uncle Elephant to buy some noodles from him. But Uncle Elephant said:" I'm retired now, i only do POTTED PLANTS now." I was frustrated with his reply and tried to persuade him by picking up a GUITAR and i started playing a song called a PAIR OF BOOTS. :"pair of boots, pair of boots, this pair of boots are so cool..." Uncle Elephant hated the song and hopped into his tiny little CAR and drove off. So, I hop onto a huge BAT and chase Uncle Elephant all the way up to the MOUNTAIN. THE END!!!

TADAAA!!! Story made my group 3!!! ;DD

PLus we were actually the last to start but the first to finish and go first and we got first!!! YAY!!!

Later in the evening, Mr.UV came. He is more on the creative side and Mr. Jeya is more on the memory side. SO Mr.UV gave us some interesting quizzes to do. Some were easy and tough at the same time. Sometimes, the answer is already starring at you. ;p and then he also showed us two ways to fold a t-shirt fast. lol.

The second day, don't really remember much. Did a group work. And it was Mr.UV's last day there, cause he had some other things to do, i guess.

Third day...

Actually the tele-match day was suppose to be on the second day, but it rained. So luckily, today we had good weather. Yay!!! Everyone was exited about out door activity.

First, the girls did the gibbon crossing, which is the one that you are suppose to climb to the other side and back swinging through ropes, like a monkey. For me, it was tough. I think some of the boys were shaking the rope below my feet to give support. So i was like rocking back and forward, trying to keep my balance. Eventually, not long, i manage to finish it. Next i went to the next obstacle, which is the fireman crossing. There is only two lines in mid-air and the safety-thing. We are suppose to glide through the other end. Though it was scary looking, since it was high up from the ground, but i find it easier to finish it. ;DD

After everyone finished, we continued our outdoor activity. We went to this tennis court, clueless at first, but eventually figured out it was tele-match. xp

Memory a bit blur here....let me think....

First, was the three-legged match game. Tie strings around your leg, surely you get the picture right? Our team lost. ;(

Next, the chicken dance. We were suppose to put a container around our hip containing two ping pong ball for each player (so there is 10 ping pong ball all together) and walk to the hula hoop and shake your body/hip to make the ping pong ball drop. Wakakaka....our team had a advantage. ;) (grins evilly) okay, so tell you the secret, we heard the instructions carefully, and they didn't actually said that you have to TIE the container around your hip, so we didn't do it. We just hold the string using our hands which also you can't use your hand even when you tie the string, so it was WAYY faster. ;D so we won! fair right??

After that, the next game is passing the balloon through-under your legs. Get the picture? we lost again.

Next game is in the team, two players will have to support the balloon and cross to the other end and back by just putting the balloon supporting on each of our bellies. You can't hold the balloon or hold your team-mate for support. So quite hard actually. we lost again. -.-

Err...i don't really remember much already....or is that all the games? But in the end, it drizzled.

In conclusion, team 3 SUCKS at tele-matches.(words by Antony)

There was a pool near the tennis court compound. So most of the people wanted to swim. We went back to our apartment. Me and Samantha didn't want to go, we rather take a shower and WASH OUR HAIR after today's outdoor activity, plus so tired already. So the rest went and swim. Ah...i got to take a long shower...wee...;DD

After the rest got back, they quickly took a shower and we had dinner, then we went back to the campus.

Suddenly, Antony passed a note down, writing:" I want more Milo for supper tonight! :)" lol. We pass it down to the girls in charge, but then Samson took the paper and pass it around the whole class. What a Riot! lol

So we went back to our apartment earlier tonight. YAY!!! But we had to discuss our goal settings. We had two groups, one group in the girls apartment and the other in the boys, mix la, there is 6 girls, 3 girls in one apartment and the other 3 in the other apartment. And 4 boys came into the girls apartment. I was in the girls apartment with: Hazel, Samantha, Gareth, Shaun, Kavi and Soon. And we were to discuss our goals with one of the girls in charge. ;D yay! So we shared our goals with the group. Some funny goal. :DD lol We finished it quite fast and brought supper into our room. While the other group was still not done yet. So we ate first, after eating, the other group was STILL not done yet. So we chit-chatted. One of the girl in charge told us a ghost story. AHA! lol. do you believe in ghosts? Oh and we did something....can't tell you, only the girls dorm team knows. hehe... and it was around 11(i think), the other group finally finished. FINALLY! so they came and ate supper, very fast, or did they just took some food to their room. I guess they weren't finish yet or something, cause i didn't see everyone. Some came for a while to hear the ghost stories. And went back to the room. It was pass 12 already and they were still talking. P.s. I heard that S***** cried or something. I don't really know the story at all, they wouldn't tell us. hmpt...well so i didn't ask anymore. I think i was one of the first to go to bed. The rest was still talking and listening till 4 in the morning. WTF?? But i guess they had fun. I had fun too, until i went to sleep that is.

The next day...also the last day...;( suddenly feel sad....

I woke up. Took my stuff and went down stairs to take my shower. I was shocked to see Gareth and Samson sleeping on the couch. I was like HUH??OMG?? So i waited until Hui Jin finished her shower. While waiting, Kavi rang the bell. I was like who could that be and i went up to the door and it was lock. *turn* *turn* *turn* you open this arh??? but eventually i got it open. He just came in to take his file. After Hui Jin was done, i took my shower. We were super late.

10a.m. everyone was still in daze and had breakfast.

11a.m. went up to the campus. Mr.Jeya was pissed. We were late. Everyone was still tired and in daze. Results for sleeping late.

So, by the time we reach KL, it was 8. My dad was pissed off. Cause he came and waited for me at 6 and i forgotten to tell him. Plus, my phone was almost out of battery cause 4 days didn't charge. hehe....

We said our good-byes. Hope to meet you guys in the future someday. :D Miss you guys. I had fun. ♥

It's been a while since i last blogged. I think i'll post up some today.

I had a birthday party on the 28th of November.

Not much people could make it. Only Joyce and Pei Ming. Oh well.

We had BBQ. Watched Death Note on TV. Played Cards.

Enough about that.

On the 30th of November, my actual Birthday. ;DD

I went and did my IC, again. Cause i lost mine. :(

Damn, there were like SOOOO many people there that day.

Luckily, i made it in time to go to Tropicana City Mall.

Angela, Stephanie and Emily was waiting for me at Borders.

I bought Death Note manga. Steph paid one. ;DD

Me and Steph bought nail polish at 'The Face Shop'.

We went and watch New Moon together. Not bad. Better than i expected. LOL!

After the show, Angela and Emily went back.

Suddenly my parents say they couldn't make it on time to fetch me. I was like HUH??? WTF???

Luckily, Steph and her mom were so kind to fetch me to their house until my parents are done doing their stuff. THANKS YOU!

We ate Kenny Rogers. Since we were a little hungry. oh and again. Thanks for the meal. ;)

Then we headed back to Steph house.

Not too long later, my parents came.


The next day, i was going to go to camp. So last minute packing la.

To be continued in the next post.