Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its been like SOOO long since i last blogged.

Blog's so DEAD right now.

Okay, back to buisness. *LAWL* <<<>

Last night, i found some of my primary stuff. SO random right?

Lookie, what i found!

Primary Std 6 music book. HAHAHA....the whacking fingers with a cane if you play wrongly. LAWL. Jake.

Aww... i miss this book it's destroyed(inside) by my sister. >:(

Some people's Bio that i managed to collect. And remember everytime if we write someone's Bio, we'll write : (besides Bio and fav's fav's) People i hate: and then will curse someone's name with red pen. lol. mean right?

Oh, Oh and this....

huh, no wonder Joyce always say my write damn ugly. Now i know.

hehehe....words were so messy and terrible back then. I wonder how the primary teachers survive us. Talk about the guys. @.@


YAY! I finished watching Ouran High School Host Club!!! AWESOME!!! LOVE IT!!!( if only the subtitles of the name's were correct then it would be great) Quite confussing if the subtitles are wrong. Who is who arh? in the beginning.

The TWINs!!! are so hot~~~

Tamaki!!! hot!~ Prince type
Errmmm....I not really sure which is which can't really differentshape. Is this Kaoru?

But they're both cute. =) Me thinks this is Hikaru ~~ Devil type

HONEY!!! the utterlly most kawaii one.
They call him Mori. He's Honey cousin. SO, Honey calls him Takashi. ~~Wild type

Kyoya. Vice-president. Money, money, money! ~~ Cool type

Renge Houshakuji. I don't really remember her name. I don't think they mention much abt her name. But she keeps on poping out of no where with a twirly machiney.

I like this pic. Sakura flowers are preetyy.

This is so gay. But funny at the same time. A spoof of Miley's Part in the USA. But they call it Party in the FIP. LAWL.

They're GAY!!! Watch out!!! LAWL. don't sue me.