Sunday, September 15, 2013


Another 3 months had elapsed, another semester done. I'm having a short holiday, just 9 days but it's definitely better than nothing! Not complaining! I'm really glad I jumped through another hurdle. Assurance done! I'm satisfied with my marks. Passed with 88% *happydance*

Lots of things happen throughout these three months. I got my new car, a Vios J Spec in Silver. Thanks Daddy! Kinda regret not being able to have enough patience inside of me to wait for the new vios. To be honest, my first impression of the new Vios was "SO BLOODY UGLY". But the more I look at it now, the more I regret not waiting. I doesn't look that bad. Looks quite pretty actually. WELL. AT LEAST I KNOW I HELPED MY DAD SAVED SOME MONEY. RIGHT? I need to stop thinking about it anyways. SO YEAH. My dear friends that are going to get the new vios, please don't rub it in my face. thanks. 

Sadly, I still can't "drive". I guess you can say my driving skills are horrible. To the point that I, myself think I'm a pretty lousy driver. My confidence level is beneath the grounds of the earth. That's my conclusion for the endless screaming and lecturers every time I drive. I think by the time when I will ACTUALLY drive is next year. Meh. 

Perhaps I shall leave whatever happen in the past three months in the next post. Back to the main point now.

I finally got my baby Nikon J1 back! Useless camera shop held it for so long and in the end, they didn't even manage to fix the adapter. 

My class spontaneously threw a BBQ party on the 6th of September! 5 days before our Assurance finals. Thats how we roll. Party before our finals! But thank goodness everyone passed this time round! Our first 100% pass rate! Getting a free meal from Sunway TES! Good job guys! May we get many more 100% pass rate! :D   

I followed Caryn's car with Kai Wen, Wen Ting & Foong Junn to Dominic's house at 4:30P.M. We were the first few to arrived there. Not long after, Gah See and Jia En came too. To pass time, we played cards! 

Playing Heart Attack! 
Lots of screaming involved

After playing many endless rounds of Heart Attack, we got down to business.

Kai Wen cooking sugar + water + pandan leaves 

Caryn cutting up some Cincao to mix with the pandan flavoured sugar syrup!

Delicious Cheesecake and Aglio e Olio Spaghetti made by Dominic's mum!

Beldon & Dylan

In the makings...

First batch of the smores. Overkill.

Second Batch! 

Beldon with the s'mores

The food table

Wen Ting & Foong Junn
Third Batch!

Foong Junn & Wee Sheng

Chicken Wings that took FOREVER to cook. 

and yes, he gave everyone black charcoal marks on the face

Technology Wins. 

Oven-Q instead of a BBQ

Dylan & Dominic

Peanut Butter + Melted Chocolate ; Kai Wen's creation
Everyone was so hesitant to try it because of how it looks like, but I took the first try and it was pretty good actually! Everyone was hooked. 

Me, Wen Ting, Gah See

Top :Caryn, Foong Junn, Caroline, Jia En
Bottom: Me, Wen Ting, Gah See

Top: Dylan, Wee Sheng, Dominic, Beldon, Danush, Yik Ming, Kai Wen 
Middle: Wen Ting, Caryn, Me, Caroline, Jia En
Bottom: Foong Jun, Gah See


Caryn, Wen Ting and Foong Jun going home first..

little did Caryn know, Danush was hiding inside the car. When Caryn was about to go, he frighten her. Everyone had a good laugh except for Caryn obviously. If it was me, I'd vomited my heart out.

Cards are always the essential items to any party huh



It was a great night and I had so much fun with the classmates! May many more celebrations to come!