Friday, June 21, 2013

Porto Romano

19 June 2013 ;

To celebrate passing my Law paper, Sheong and Bryant brought me to Porto Romano. It has been such a looooong time since I went out to eat in a nice restaurant. It was really nice. Thanks boys!  

28, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
For reservations, call 03-77100509
Opening Hours : 11:00am-12.00midnight daily 

Pizza Mediterranean
A rich topping of mushroom, turkey ham, sundried tomatoes, onions & Mozzarella cheese 

 Ravioli with Smoked Salmon Filling 

Risotto Frutti di Mare - Seafood Risotto 
Italian Arborio Rice + Assorted Seafood + White Wine

 Spaghetti Porto Romano 
Seafood pasta with spicy tomato sauce 

Crema Catalana
A Spanish dessert similar to Creme Brulee 

Tiramisu - Signature Dessert 
Using the best coffee & Almond Liqueur - Signature Dessert

The environment was nice. It was a little dark, romantic in a way (?) They will even light up a candle for  you if you were with your love having dinner there. (There was a couple on the next table)

Food was good. Pictures can only give this much justice to the food, you gotta try it for yourself! Bring a fat wallet if you're planning to spoil yourself. 

Service was okay. Although a few times when we called the waiter/waitress, we had to wait for a while before they notice us. Most of the time, the boys were calling the shots, so they made a joke. "Because you're a GUY, thats why they don't want to entertain you!" But other than that, they do constantly clean up and take away the empty plates after you finish. Although I think the tables were a little too small for their big plates. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Timothy's House Warming

Short Update ;

Finally finished my second semester. Did my Law finals yesterday, and managed to get through my second hurdle. I am satisfied and I thank God that I pass with 70%! 

On my short break now before the next semester begins. The new timetable is HORRID. Especially from September till December. Taking two core subjects at once, that's definitely going to be really tough for a change. 

Please let me get through this. Let me do it till the end. 

Timothy's House Warming Party

31 May 2013 ;

Finally have the time to blog about this! As always, the delay is unpreventable when you're too busy studying for your finals. 

Thank You Timothy, for inviting me to your lovely new house! 

Amanda's mum fetched us there in the evening. We were still pretty early when we arrived. Most of the boys came around 7:30pm. Everyone was pretty much chilling before the crowd came, and I was there, with my Law textbook. But what to do! My Mocks were in two weeks time! I didn't wanted to fail anymore after my first attempt in my Progress Test for Law. I'm pretty happy that I managed to pass after that incident, with of course, studying my time away. I guess it's really all worth it when you pass your finals. 

When we arrived at Tim's house, his maid was preparing some of the food that we would be having for tonight! 

May the picture fest begin 

 Shrimp, Hard Boiled Egg, Lady Fingers, Bean Sprouts


The Self-Service Counter 

 Curry Noodles 

 Egg Tarts, Siew Paus and other pastries

 Papaya , Honeydew , Watermelon 

 Fish Balls & Mini Sausages 

 Fried Rice 

Egg + Mash Potato Salad 

 Ming Han enjoying his curry noodles

 Andy styling his hair  

Candids ;

 Shy Tao Juen is Shy 

 Andy & Marcus 

 Can you spot my face? 

 The Host ; Timothy 

 Me & Amanda + Photobombers 


A party is not a party without some Alcohol 

 Kah Sheong pouring us some Moscato!

 Moscato Rosa 


 Bottoms up! 

Time for round 2?

 Sheong & Timothy with a bottle of white wine  

 Yong Teng pouring us some white wine 


 Delicious white wine brought by Ben

 Bryant with an extremely red face that night 

 My camera loves me and only me 

 Making sure Bryant wasn't drunk, despite his face being so red . Don't worry, he passed the test. 

 An awesome night catching up with good old friends :)

We were making a little too much of noise, so Timothy suggested we went up stairs. 



As always, the host's bedroom will become a Cyber Cafe. 

We watched one of Gabriel Iglesias shows before we left. A good laugh to end the night. A fun night indeed! It was good to rewind and chat with friends that I haven't seen in a few months. Hope the next party won't be too far away!