Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PMR Results and Extras



Okay, I'm gonna blog what has been happening for the pass 6 days.

Hopefully it can be done by tonight.  -cross yo fingers-


22nd December:

Happy Winter Solstice!

Sadly I didn't get to eat any tangyuan.


Not like I ever liked them before :p TEEHEE especially the ones my maid makes. DISGUSTING. But I like the ones I buy outside. Got stuffing oneee!! Damn nice!!! :D Every year we will make some just for praying. Usually we don't eat it, cause well, it doesn't taste good. :p

AND Happy Birthday to my AHYEE :) a.k.a Rebecca's mummy

To celebrate, they went and ate at Shogun. Me and my ahyeezai tagged along :3

Ate the buffet lunch at Sunway Pyramid.

WAHSEI~ My ahyeezai CAN EAT. We all wave white flag. YOU WIN. xD -claps-

Oh btw, Uncle AhKai came again! WEEEE~ My mummy Sarawak friend :)

He make awesome FOOD!

Phoebe and Vincent came again! :D Vincent changed a lot. Puberty strikes.

These were taken last year. Look for the other picture later on... Didn't manage to get a decent picture of only them. WHY SHY SHY ONE? LET ME TAKE!!! >:p


23rd December:

PMR Results.

I didn't sleep the whole night before. Like literally. I DID NOT SLEEP. I stayed up all night, just lying in my bed. Praying, wishing, hoping. I went to bed at 9, I was actually quite tired that night, but like I said, I couldn't fall asleep. I TRIED. Just too nervous and anxious. Don't tell me I got insomnia. >.> (touchwood)

Soon morning came, took my shower and all. It was still very early. WHAT TO DO LEHHH?!?!?

Pray. Pray. Pray.

Whats the Chinese proverb called again? GAHHH, I am an absolute converted BANANA. FAILLL

I played some piano to TRY and calm myself down.

At last, it was nearing to 10 o'clock.

-excited and nervous breakout-

My Dad likes to take his own sweet time on thing. SERIOUSLY. Be more punctual a bit CAN?

After 20 minutes, my dad was done and off to school it was.

To my surprise, the results slips weren't out yet. OH, SO I WASN'T LATE?

Waited some more in school with LiLing. Where are the OTHERS? :(

We waited at the canteen pondok. wait and wait and wait. tralalalalaa~

At last! I see teachers coming out of the room. (WTF?! WHATS THAT ROOM CALLED?)

We then rushed to the hall. ALL EXCITED AND SCAREDDDDDD



I was the first one to get my results from her. Well, we ran when we saw the teachers coming. Damn, it was nerve wrecking.

There and then, I couldn't believe my eyes. ALL A's! Thank you God. Thank you for listening to my prayers. I LOVE YOU.

GOSH! This is the first time I'm getting straight A's. Don't count primary school la. xD

That moment receiving the results, the feeling was filled with glee and happiness. I have accomplished SOMETHING.


But, the joy didn't last that long.

So what I got straight A's? I'm not getting anything fancy. I didn't get anything nice either. It's only for my own pleasures. Getting 7A's. No special gifts.

Well, I got a hug from my dad. I guess that was his only gift then.

I don't get hugs very too often from my family. -sighs- Not that it matters much thought.

I really was hoping for a nice present. Even a dinner just for me and my parents would be good enough, like in a nice restaurant. But. Oh well. It's just a grade. SO WHAT.

At least I was happy for a while. Happy that all that hard work paid off. Happy that God still loves me.

I can't even tell if I'm satisfied or not.

Sorry, I shouldn't complain. My parents are very busy and hardworking. They sacrifice so much for us, and I'm here complaining. -zips mouth-

Rebecca also got straight A's! She got take Chinese so 8A's for her! -CLAPS-

She's getting a new phone :D THIS TIME MUST CHARGE ARH!!! And PICK UP YOUR PHONE! xD

Actually, today my mum wanted to bring Uncle Ahkai and his children and Maxine to Sunway Lagoon. WAHSEIII, NEVER THINK OF ME LA. But in the end also never go. Cause I keep on telling her ME LEH?!!! 我不用去? 你要去?我不可以去?@.@ YADUHHHHH. Of course I wanna go! Thou I been there like a Gazillion times already.

24th December:

Christmas Eve.

My aunt brought me, Maxine, Rebecca, Issac, Phoebe, Vincent and Uncle Ahkai. 8 people. We went to OU and watch Rapunzel!

Awesome movie!!! MUST WATCH!

We then ate at Kenny Rogers. Watch people make sticky. Very interesting. Sadly no free samples that time :(

Erm, yea. That's about it for that day. :|

25th December:


Thought I don't celebrate Christmas~

So we went to Sunway Lagoon today.


But no choice also, cause today Uncle Ahkai going back to Sarawak.

ZOMGGG!!! Damn pack until pengsan.

Waited almost an hour JUST to buy the tickets. WTFFFFF

So crowded until no mood play at all.

 bored the crap out of us

First thing I went to is the SCREAM PARK.


Scared the shit out of me.


Eh, come on la people, why no one scream together with me one? I was like the only one shrieking every few seconds. WAHSEIII, why everyone so brave and I'm SOO TIMID. =.=

My works to my dear cousin~


For the whole entire day, I think I only went on TWO rides. YES, ONLY TWO. WTFFFF?!
Both spinning 360 degrees. CHEYYY. Not fun anymore la. Not scary also. Didn't even scream. Practically slept through the whole ride. 
Then we walked around, trying to find rides to go on. BUT SO MANY PEOPLE!! No mood to line up and wait. -sighs-

 I'm TIRED :(

Rebecca wasn't feeling too well...

So we hang around some tables and chairs. While the kids went out playing. 

To me, I think Sunway Lagoon quite sien already la. I BEEN THERE OH TOO MANY TIMES.

26th December:

Went back hometown for a wedding dinner

I have been eating A LOT this holiday. Feel like slapping myself. Why must I be so greedy and eat so much. Regret. BUT FOOD IS SO NICE. -drools-

Long time no see my cousins from kampung. 
P/S:  I favor this girl the most! xp Nahh, cause she follows me around :D ♥ 
Get to see my grandparents! ♥ 
So getting good grades have a plus side to it. At least I got some money from my 外婆. THANK YOU! ♥ Something is better than nothing right? Even thought it's not that much. But I'm grateful :)

Nom so much  that night. HAIZ. Gaining weight is so easy but losing it is so HARD. If only gaining good results were that easy and losing them are hard. hmm, doesn't really makes sense.:x

27th December:

It was a lazy day. My ahyee came by my house. 

WEEE~ Another ANGPOW ♥ 
Well, that's all I got. SO FAR. Hope my other uncles received the news and HOPEFULLY gets something NICE for me and angpow? :DDD (LV BAG PLEASEEEE) I ask too much
Later on in the day, my parents came back and brought us out to choose paint for our rooms.
I really don't get it. Why must repaint the room. So troublesome. I know the paint on the wall looks really ugly now, but seriously, why go through all the trouble. Plus now have so much furniture and stuff. All in the way of the wall. AND AND SCHOOL IS REOPENING SOON! Now only you want to paint? @.@
Anyways, I took like FOREVER to choose the paint. Hope it will look nice :)
Harbor Blue and California Sky.   

 I like to buy condoms casings for my dear iPhone ♥ 
Isn't it pretty? ♥ BLUE~

Oh and this is FREAKING AWESOMEEEE!!!!! CAN DIEEEEE ♥ Uncle AhKai made one! Super YUMMMEHHH!!!! I wish I knew how to make it! Why never wake me up when making? :(

Tell you guys the recipe one day when I learn how to make this delicious to die for treat :3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Phuket - DAY 4 & DAY 5

On the forth day.

We got free tickets to this water park.

How did we get free tickets you might ask?

Well, we when we at the mall on? Tuesday? I think, there was this booth there. You can get free tickets for you and your family. Just by listening to their presentation. They are promoting their soon to be open hotel and also I think that you would buy their loyalty membership stuff.

On that day, there was a shuttle bus to pick us up from our villa to the place. Very nice. No hassle to get there. :)


So the adults, Dad and Mum, just had to sit down and hear them talk. Grown-up STUFF. 

And us, LITTLE CHILDREN. *EHHEEMMM* gets to play in the KIDS ROOM! :D


Very nice, provide little children something to play while their parents are away.


OMG. Childhood memories. MASAK MASAK! :D

After around an hour had pass, the presentation was done and it was time for us to go to the water park! 

They then took us to the water park, not too far from  the hotel. We got to sit on those golf cart thingy. 

People there go VERY SLOW on bumps like these. I wonder why?

My parents, mum in particular, seldom slow down at bumps. JUST ZOOM FORWARD. Sometimes, its REALLY ANNOYING. >:( literally jump of the seats type. 

 Splash Jungle!

the locker key



I think their vans are really cool

Its tinted. But not like the ordinary black types. And you still can see from the outside.

It was raining, so we had to go back. 

To be honest, it's a very small water park. Nothing much to do. But since it was free, just come. But I think the actual price for the real tickets are expensive, or that's what I heard from my dad.

For dinner, we went to get some Thai food outside our villa. It's was still under Laguna, so the food are very overly priced.

 This was yummy~

 look at the spoon.


This was really good. But it cost a bomb.

Can I just continue with the last day now?

Alrighty then.

The last day.

November 30th.

My Birthday.

I didn't get wishes from my family. 

Got scolded for NO REASON by my mother. 

* why must you blame EVERYTHING on me? What makes you think IF SHE cries, its ALWAYS my FAULT? Never get to the bottom of things then blame people. Maxine was tried that why she cry. And I was in the toilet putting on my contacts. I didn't even talk to her. Don't you know that your DAUGHTER likes to cry for NOTHING? UGH. What a GREAT WAY to start my day. MY BIRTHDAY IN FACT. 

I like to talk crap. oh shut up Michelle. no one cares. 

I was pretty mad. Furious in fact. Its just so unfair.

To get rod of anger, I think most people will do silly things. Like punch or kick something and then feel the pain. Thus, pain takes over the anger. 


I rode a bike.

Not a very WISE thing to do on your birthday. Plus being a noob at riding bikes. And yes, I fell. and got bruises. Oh joy, bruises on my birthday. yay. NOT.

Well, someone had to use the one day free bike thing right, or not it'll be such a waste.

So while I was riding around the villa area alone. Maxine was playing in the pool with daddy.

Joy for her. Bet she had so much fun.

In the afternoon, we drove around finding something to eat, again.

I had pineapple rice

They just put the fried rice into the pineapple. I don't find anything special about it, to be honest. 

In the evening, we had to check out from our villa.

God, miss that place so much now. Love that place to bits.

Went and return our rented car.


End this post with a picture of my sister.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Phuket - DAY 3

Lets get on with it. This one took TOO LONG to be typed out.

On Day 3 in Phuket:

To our oh so unluckiness, it rained. Today we went suppose to go on a speedboat and visit beaches and go snorkeling.

First and foremost, we kinda got lost on our way to the place to gather before we go onto the speedboat. But eventually found it. To our surprise, we were the earliest one. OH WOW.


SO AWESOME! One thing suckie was that it was still raining. And with common sense, you know what will happen. So much water came and hit directly at me. I was sitting in the middle, while the people who sat at the sides of the boat wouldn't be so affected. I literally took a towel and covered my head from preventing water to splash my face and for me to stop wiping my face every time rain water spat on my face.

The boat ride took quite some time. They did provide us with some sea sick pill that will make you nauseous. Just took it in case. It isn't that bad if the boat is moving, but when it stops in the middle of the sea, and people moves around, which will make the boat sway. That, super dizzy. But overall, awesome experience.

 Dad and Mom

I think we were the only ones who brought so much JUNK. Like the towels. Where in the world did the others keep their towels? And their backpacks look so tiny. All our stuff were dropping all over the place.

 BOAT: 292

After feels like an hour had passed, we reached our first island.

and it was still raining.

 The toilet on the island. 


 Maxine having fun in the sand. Though, she was still sick. KIDS

The next stop was monkey island


 Oh and fishes eat BANANAS 

We then stop on another island for lunch

and finally the rain had stopped.

 The nice warm sun~

We then went to another island.

 Feeding the fishes with banana

I definitely have gotten WAY DARKER. 

Thats pretty much it.

I should have blogged this ages ago. But oh well, hope I didn't miss out anything.

Bare with me a little more.

DAY 4 & 5 coming up!