Friday, July 11, 2008

Pandu Puteri Remaja-Cooking

Today,we did cooking in PPR.It was really fun,but i kena alot of mozzy bites.SO ITCHY!!!The hardest part is when making the fire. Our fire died like about 10 or more.Its like "NOT ENOUGH DRY LEAVES!!!MORE STICKS!!! LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!" We took about an hour plus to get the fire & mee cooking.


Okay ,so the taste? The taste? Well the mee was too soft and umm...well its okay la....It happen because,half way our fire died so we had to take away the pot and rebuilt the fire.That time the mee was accutaly cooked,but haven't put the egg ,so recook again. And all the hard work was done. Time to Eat!!!

The mee...... Dare you eat it???

And yes, i ate it anyway. Its normal maggie mee with unknown things that droped inside.(just joking)

Haha....Its me! I look really weird!:P.........@_@

Okay thats the end of this story. Till then TTFN!!!