Tuesday, December 25, 2012



On such a special date, tonight was our senior prom night. To be honest, I didn't plan to go to prom in the first place because it was pretty pricey to start things off with. But in the end, I bought the tickets and went too. Most of my friends were going and it would suck if I missed out anything good! No regrets!

I went to Cheras to do my hair and make up. My make up artist was so beautiful! She was using lancome products! After seeing her apply make up to my face, it makes me wanna get into putting make up on my face! But I don't think it's such a good idea. I'm afraid more pimples would pop put if I put too much stuff on my face and my pores will clog up. BUT IT SEEMS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! 

My dad was picking me up to go to the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel because my mum didn't know the way there. Dad was a little late picking me up because he was still stuck in a meeting at 5:00PM. By 5:30PM I started panicking because he still wasn't done with his meeting! I even got sent to someone when I called for the second time. At last, dad came! He made a wrong turn and we had to sit through traffic jam. We managed to reach the Renaissance Hotel at around 6:10PM. The boys were so sweet waiting for me downstairs right in front of the doors. Most of the people were already upstairs registering and waiting for DJPROM2012 to start! 

It was like a reunion. Seeing all the familiar faces! The boys look so dashingly handsome in their suits! All the girls look fabulously lovely in their dresses! To be honest, I couldn't even recognize myself after the make over! I was so not use to the hairstyle the hair stylist did for me! I'm used to putting all my hair back up cause my fringe is too long and my natural curly/frizzy/indescribable hair is going out. So practically it looks like shit when I'm at home. 

Another thing I wanna confess is that I told a few people to go earlier, but I was the one who was late. I'm so sorry! KL Traffic is unpredictable! 

I'm sorry that I asked you to come early and kept you waiting! He was having my ticket at that moment.

with Gordon

with Chin Joe

with Jason 

 Li Ling & Justin

with Li Ling

 Meng Xi & Li Ling

with Meng Xi 


Cai Ying & Joyce

with Kai Luen

 Qi Hong , Jason , Wilson

 with Bryant

with Stephanie

 Stephanie , Me , Meng Xi

with Naomi

 Timothy & Ming Han

with Han Wei

 Meng Xi , Kah Sheong , Tao Juen

with Wee Yoong 

 with Wei Jian

with Jie Ming

 with Ming Han

 with Andy

 with Edwin

 Yu Zheng , Edwin , Me

 Gordon , Jeremy , Cwen Yi , Edwin , Yu Zheng

Yu Zheng & Edwin

Tao Juen & Jeff

Registration starts at 6:00PM and prom was suppose to start at 7:00PM. As usual, a slight delay always will occur. It felt like a Chinese wedding! As you know, all Chinese weddings will make you wait and wait and wait! I'm not sure what time did it actually start but I'm sure everyone was starving! 

We got the back few tables, horrible view. The only advantage is that we were near the doors. Which meant, nearer to the food! We rushed out when they gave the signal! The joy!!! 

The food was delicious! I didn't expect it would be this good!!! Renaissance Hotel, great job! I'm missing the food so badly now! I wish I could dine in a 5 star hotel everyday eating delicious food. There was salmon, which taste awesome! Really good! There was risotto too! First time trying risotto in my life and I love it! The lemon chicken was fabulous! I can go on and on and on about how fabulously delicious the food was.. How I wish I had a bottomless stomach! The food was just so delicious! My stomach was screaming for me to stop, but I really couldn't help myself. The cakes were super yummy too! The food definitely made my night.

 Heaven on a plate

After our delicious meal, the prom committee came up with some games. First we had to look under our table cloths and find a piece of coloured paper. We got purple! Other tables will have different colours and the games will be played according to the colour of the paper. I didn't get a good sight of the game because my table was placed at the far back. 

Wee Yong with the purple paper

Gordon & Wee Yoong 

It Ends Tonight 

with Jeffrey

Performance. Guess from Wei Liang expression, you should know how they did.


Black Balloon!

Wei Liang & Ming Han

Really wanted to bring home the roses, but Jeffrey said it was hotel property! Cannot bring home meh? :(


with Song

with Zack

Jeffrey with the rose!

Beautiful Roses 

I'm going to miss High School. I signed up for college recently. My orientation day is on the 2nd of January 2013! Wish me luck! Hope I will have lovely classmates like I did during high school and have a good bond with everyone!

2012 is coming to an end. End of the world didn't happen, I didn't believe it would anyways. Taking another leap in my life soon!