Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day at Mid Valley

Mid Term Exams are over. Can't say I did very well. I'll find that out in two weeks time. Let's not stress over the future and enjoy the present! First thing first, HOLIDAY! 

Two weeks holiday, what shall I do? 

27th May 2012;

I went to Mid Valley with Meng Xi, Bao Jeff and Tao Juen. Tao Juen actually went the day before with Kah Sheong, Bryant, Yong Teng and Andy. Kah Sheong, Bryant and Andy couldn't make it on Sunday and I couldn't go on Saturday. 

We met up at the Taman Bahagia LRT station.

We got off at KL Sentral and took the KTM. So much slower compared to the LRT. Thank goodness we didn't had to wait too long for the train to arrived.

We had to walk a little from the station to The Gardens. Take the left which is shorter, but you have to walk under the sun and traffic. Take the right and use the over head bridge with is a longer route. Obviously, take the shorter route. We lazy bums.

 Chili Chocolate Gelato?!

 Hello Beautiful! 

 Pack like a tin of Sardine.

Love my bag so much <3
Samantha Thavasa

 Nikon salesgirls are so pretty!
Got myself a Nikon 50mm f1.8g Lens! My new baby :)

After squeezing around in the ginormous exhibition hall, which they make you walk through everything! How torturing is that?! At the end of the exhibition, I think there was about 50-60 Unifi and P1 promoters line up in two straight line. Oh My Goodness. Do you really need that many promoters? After that long line of promoters, a few more credit card promoters came and asked me. Do I look that old? I think so. Oh, 17 years old can have credit card?? :D

It was lunch time, and we ate at the food court. I had such a hard time choosing what to eat. Yes, I always have a hard time picking stuff. I want them all. 

After lunch, Tao Juen wanted to go back in and get a few more stuff at PC Expo. So we waited outside. Then we got bored.

Decided to go to Starbucks and wait for Tao Juen. Rest our feet for a while.

 Green Tea Cream Frappucino 


After we were done finishing our drinks, we went and walk around the mall. There was some Mickey Mouse Event going on. Really cool actually!


There wasn't much left to do. I got myself a jacket from Padini Authentics. I love it very much! I needed to indulge myself. 


 1 Million Perfume

We then waited for the KTM. This time, we waited for quite some time... So we sat on the floor and waited.