Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Marathon, Genting & Tang Yuan

20th December 2011;

I got woken up by a dream, it was sort of an ending of a dream, thus waking me up. I turned to my phone and realized that it was already 9 O'clock! Just remembering that I was suppose to head over to Joyce's house that day. Dad wasn't even awake yet. My dad likes to take his own sweet time in doing everything. Especially when I need him to do something for me. Maybe that's where I got my procrastinating skills from. Yes, I'm still not done with my accounts homework and school is starting in a week's time. 

Finally arrived at 11 O'clock! We didn't do much in the morning, did we? We watched some videos and transferring pictures from CF and Joyce showing me some neat tricks on Photoshop.

Jimmy Kimmel! 
The kids are so adorable! MUST WATCH!

My tummy was making a lot of noises and I mean A LOT. #foreverhungry

So we had an lunch at around 1 o'clock at FullHouse ! The place is so cute! First time going there and the food was okay. Next time I wanna try the Crème brûlée! Looks nice and I never tried it before.

This is very interesting! Wasabi + Mayonnaise 

 Petit Four
But still, cake is naise


 After lunch, we walked around SS2 mall, even though there isn't much to see there at all.  

Found some really nice art on one of the top floors that are drawn on walls. The theme seems to be a connection towards education. Both picture above are Instagram-fied. Instagram is funnnnnn

After that, we went back home and started our movie marathon! 

First we watched Children Who Chased Lost Voices From Deep Below!

Next was Legends of the Guardians ; The Owls of Gahoole

The owls are so adorable! 

I stayed back and ate dinner with the Chan's. My mum was still yamcha-ing and enjoying her time with her friend and yeah, that's pretty much it, get the story?

After a well contented dinner, my tummy was so bloated! We watched Clash of the Titans!

Not bad. Greek myths and history can be so amusing! Why can't Malaysian history be as interesting as this? lol

Went home at around 10pm and called Rebecca. She called in the afternoon asking me if I wanted to follow along with her go up to Genting tomorrow. Ask my mum and confirmed with her, off to Genting it is!

21th December 2011;

Woke up at 7am and got ready cause Rebecca said she would be coming at around 8am. But they had a bit of a late start and by the time they reach my house it was already 9am. I was sleeping on the couch and forgotten to bring my cute wolf hat! If you have been reading my blog, you would know which hat I'm referring to! 

I'm very amazed that my ginormous wallet can fit into my tiny bag! But its freaking impossibly hard to take it out and putting it back in. Troublesome max! But I didn't want to bring my pretty new bag cause I know I'll dirty it and ruin it. Not gonna take that risk! Love my Samantha Thavasa bag to bits <3

Vain self pictures before I leave for Genting. 
I like playing with the hair straightener and curl my hair slightly! Naise or not?

Took another hour to drive up to Genting. The roads are kinda scary, especially the steep parts of the mountains. I seriously wonder how does occasional gamblers go there every night to gamble. Ain't it like dangerous and it seems so scary! But yeah, I don't think casinos serve alcohol right? But still, the mist can be very terrible at times! Nearly zero visibility. 



Isaac wasn't feeling excited at all! Y U NO BE LIKE US? Guess someone stayed up pretty late the previous night playing MAPLESTORY.

 I'm feeling so fly like a G6

After that we went and ride on the CORKSCREW
Lining up for this ride and of course we........



My hair was pretty eff up after that ride, but it was fun :p

After that, we sorta had a hard time deciding on what to do next. It was starting to get more and more boring. Most probably cause we got really fed up by the crowd. WE WANNA PLAY NOW!

Me and Rebecca went for this while Isaac was waiting for us across the pond on the bridge


 Exercising! wtf

After that ride, I was darn hungry already. We decided to eat at Kenny Rogers.

#Tip: If you're darn hungry, don't go to Kenny Rogers.

You'll go mad and start banging the table going: WE WANT FOOD! WE WANT FOOD!

 Hungry person 

 Rebecca and Isaac eating muffins! 
While we waited for like another 30 minutes for our food to come. FOL.


I literally gobbled down everything 

 I was hungry okay. 

They gave me the wrong sauce, I asked for Black pepper and they gave me BBQ. I didn't know Kenny Rogers had BBQ flavoured sauce! But I couldn't be bothered to ask them to change, I was too hungry to even care.

We went around walking and shopped for a little bit. The following day was my aunt's birthday. So Rebecca and Isaac were trying to look for a gift too. 

We went to Cotton On and I got myself a top. It was on sales. Got it for RM15. When Rebecca saw it, it was actually the exact same top she got last time for RM50. 

There was this really cute top I really wanted to get, but it was pretty see through, so yeah. #sadcasebro 

anddddd, why the dresses there had to be so darn expensive?! I WANT :'(


After shopping and we had time to waste, so we went to the 4D Motion Master. Waiting for an hour just to watch a short clip. To be honest, it wasn't even that nice. 

 Tired and bored

After wasting much of our time, it was time to meet up with my Uncle and Aunt. But before that, we went to Starbucks and got ourselves some awesome drinks!

Caramel Hot Chocolate is the BOMB <3

My uncle and aunt had a last minute change of plans and wanted to stay for the night at Genting. They had gotten two free rooms thanks to their friends who were about to check out. But we didn't bring our things! We had to go back and take them either ways, I didn't want to stay cause I still had tons of accounts homework to rush on. So we headed back down to PJ ! 

It was indeed a very fun day. Well, until we got bored.

 Got myself two pairs feather earrings! Don't they look pretty? 
I wanna go back to Form3 and make another awesome box like the one above!

The left one is call Patrick! The right, still in dilemma of choosing a name for it. 

I love teddy bears okay. Don't judge. 

 22nd December 2011;

Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone! Its actually called Dongzhi Festival. But anyway, its a tradition that I didn't have much clue of. The only thing I do know is that, I get to make Tang Yuan! 

This year, I made the Tang Yuan all by myself! My mum wasn't even home the whole day. My maid went to the shops behind my house and bought a packet of plain glutinous rice flour. 

 Tang Yuan!
The white one is filled with peanut butter, the green one is pandan flavoured, and the orange one is filled with Gula Melaka!

It was then cooked in ginger soup. But I think some of the Gula Melaka ones leaked out :( But it still taste nice :)
Taste so delicious! 
I like my own cooking ^___^V