Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today we went to Amcorp Mall, cause Maxine said she wanted some books. 

I didn't get any books for myself. =( Still haven't read finish the one's i bought last time. 

P/S: Today is World Book Day! :) So there was a sale, selected BOOKS SOLD AT RM1, RM2, RM3. -CHEAP! but nothing caught my eye. =.=-

Amcorp Mall is actually quite full in the morning. Cause most of the time i go there is at night. So this time went there in the afternoon. FINALLY, GOT PEOPLE. lol.

Maxine found Naruto ninja stuff. She was sooo happy. ;D I got myself a hairband and hand phone stickers! BLING! =D

-now all i need is a ninja outfit!-


Looks nice from the front. There's nothing at the back, so it looks pretty crappy from there. 

At least now my phone has a touch of pink. ;)

Oh, in my previous post, i said my phone had gone crazy. But today, i purposely drop my phone on the floor. And miraculously my phone's memory card worked. Woot!  

Weekend's over. School starts again.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today is a school day. Such a waste of time. Rather sleep. 

So anyways, you think Saturday school no one would come, but your wrong in my class! Only 5 people didn't come. Waaahhh...i know so RAJIN. ;p

Art period;
It's actually quite fun writing with fountain pen. First try not used to it, for sure. But if you keep on practicing and writing, it's actually very nice. ;) I did a poem, with was Life's Brief Candle. Actually attempted a few tries before, but then gave up on making it better, so just choose it nicest. Which wasn't that nice anyways. MY CLASSMATES HAVE NICE HANDWRITING. =D prettyy

EEyer! Why Pn. Ruth didn't come. Wanted to do my oral English and get it over with. But then, there's the feeling of not wanting to do but want to get over it as fast as possible. I think my oral topic sucks. -very stupid- Aiya, who cares.

After school, i have to rush to tuition. 

DAD! Ugh! Why didn't you take my lunch and tuition bag when you leave the house. Make so many unnecessary routes. haiz... luckily, i wasn't late. YAY! =)


Cause now there is some sushi bar thing. Have to get ingredients to level up the dish, which needs two salmons and one wasabi. People, please send me! I'll send you back too!


My phone is like super duper qi xin *CRAZY* now. I WANT A NEW PHONE!!!

Nokia XpressMusic 5530!!!♥ ♥ ♥ PINK!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!

Pa, buy me this phone, PLEASE? -don't think will ever happen- 

My Aunt is in the hospital now. I haven't had the chance to see her yet. I think we was admitted into the hospital because her diabetic levels were high, and it will cause harm to the baby in her belly. So i guess they are monitoring her and the baby. Hope everything will be alright. :)

EXAMS ARE GONNA COME AGAIN! I know right, so fast. This time, so much more to study, and WAY MORE HARDER!! NOOO!!!

P/S: I did my Sivik presentation very suckishly. Sorry guys. Pn. MaryAnn is scary. Make me so nervous that i can barely pronounce the words properly. YEESSSH. -.-  

Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of the most important daily needs now days is electricity. How can you live without it? Thank God for the person who found out about it. 

Today, my house electricity got cut off. FOR AN HOUR++

Wah lao eh, so hot. GLOBAL WARMING ALERT MUCH! So bored some more, cannot play computer, no internet. Boring-nya. 

ANYWAYS, i ate breakfast in my room, since downstairs was really dark and not much light can reach the dinning table.

GAH, have to open my room window. need wind and air. x)   

And i was BORED. *snap*
Sun shinning so brightly

From School:

So one time, school's electricity got cut off and the class was literally whining. 

Then someone shouted:  WHERE'S THE SEjARAH FILE!!! ARGAHH!

Okay, this really works better than a normal small book. Of course, larger surface area, DUH! plus is light and thin. =)

Maxine was wearing a long sleeve T and i told her to change, but stubborn her didn't want to. HAH. She ended up keeping a close distance from my fanning self. 

We were so bored that i made Maxine sing songs that she learned in piano class. Here a funny one:-

Children: Look at him, big and fat, wearing such a silly hat!
Elephant: So I'm fat, through and through, But let's see what you can do.  

Making music two by two is one thing rabbits like to do,
Some play forte, some play piano, how their concert grew!

Buzz, buzz, buzz! That's what each one does,
Bees are working many hours, making honey from the flowers,
Buzz, buzz, buzz! That's what each one does.

Aren't they just soo cute?~lalala
Eventually we sung lame songs for electricity to come back. 

ABC ,electricity, COME BACK COME BACK, EFG? * lamest phrase i ever thought of *

Bah, actually, after singing that phrase, it actually came back. PURE COINCIDENCE. Cool right? Should have sung it earlier. LOL

The moral of this post is, we must always be VERY GRATEFUL for electricity. =)
Updated Editor version? Lets see how well it works. * wah, so slow i only notice this new feature*

Okay, so recently i watched some Naruto Shippuden episodes that i didn't watch a couple of weeks ago, cause they were mostly fillers. So after episode 152 or so, story line starts to get back on track.

On episode 153, Naruto finds out that Jiraya, his sensei, died in a battle with Pain. A very sad episode.

We're gonna miss you, PERVY SAGE! lol
Ehh, not bad wei, UPDATED EDITOR version in blogger. Much more easier to put up pictures. Not like last time, all the picture stuck on the top and have to keep on dragging, makes the post so messy and troublesome.

So if you haven't enable this feature yet, GO ENABLE IT NOW! It makes blogging so much easier, with the picture mainly. * Click the link below to learn how to change to Updated Editor.  

The overview of the new post editor. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today is SPORTS DAY...

I didn't go...

I'm not feeling well...

My throat hurts...

Ears all stuffed up...

Nosed blocked...

*cough* *cough*

And had a tummy ache at 7 in the morning. But now it's alright already.

I'm not kidding.

And i know someone is really mad at me for not going today.


But i think i can manage to go to school tomorrow. I don't like missing class. Because i hate getting extra homework and missing lessons.

jeeesh, i hate being sick.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


so fed up with blog skins. Why no nicer one? I WANNA CHANGE, but all not nice. *i can be picky sometimes* eeysh, wasted so much PRECIOUS TIME looking for nice skins.

Should have done something more useful, like STRAIGHTENING MY F-ING HAIR! Roots are GROWING back. SOOO FRIZZYYY! It's so unfair. I hate my hair. so troublesome weih. I WANT A GHD! **wishes one would drop at her doorstep, please, oh please.**


**must be because of shouting too much at my sister. Sorry lar, she pisses me off ALL THE TIME! or darn those annoying hormones making me angry at her.

Suddenly felt like playing Disney piano pieces. It's easy to play. x) **no wonder la** HARHAR, what? it nice, isn't it?

Went swimming today. Don't really know what's the point.

Swim.Swim.Swim. Eat.Eat.Eat. Got lose weight arh? got more zits only. -.-

Imagine sung by David Archuleta is nicee! ♥ ♥

Conclusion, this post turn up to be so random. this is my life.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Finish watching K-on! Not bad la. It's very bimbo-ish. But its funny. The songs are cute. :) sad, no boys in this anime.

Wanna watch? here's the link. ;)

Click here!

American Idol was nice this week. Casey was so AWESOME! JEALOUS GUY!!!♥ ♥ ♥ Katie was really good too! ;)

I absolutely ♥ this. ROCK ON CASEY!

Oh, and no one got out this week in AI, the judges saved Michael. So that means next week two are going.

Really can't wait for next week. Seems like quite a few interesting things going on next week:-

-Adam Lambert will be mentoring American Idol!!! *if I'm not mistaken* (CAN'T WAIT!)

-Glee season 1 FINALE!!! I ♥ GLEE!

-umm... Sport's day? I wanna see CHEER! ;p Good luck to everyone who is participating in Sport's Day!

OKAY. I shall now share with you some STUFF ;D

BWAHHAHAHHA!!! I feel so sorry for my old phone. LOL. I used nail polish to paint.*SHOCK* WHAT?! i was bored. *see i do dumb stuff when I'm bored*

p/s; I used nail polish remover to remove it after i painted it. IT WAS UGLY! I want a pink phone laaa.


My little sister with SHORT HAIR! lol. I just have to take the ugliest picture of her. hmm...whaddayathink? -hmmpt, all your fault, never comb hair.


My YARN-ing! Not bad right? Though i don't think the colour matches quiet well, oh well. It took me about 3 days to finish it. ;]

Oh, oh, oh, i just wanna share one last thing.-

I found this bookstore in Amcorp Mall, it's called BOOK XCESS read more for less. They sell really cheap books and most of them are all hard covered! But they don't sell current books, have to wait i guess. I bought Hunted hard covered for only RM19.90 , The Host for RM29.90 and other books too. WINNE-THE-POOH! lol. *kiddie moment* Sad thing is they conteng-ed the book a little. It's just they draw a line on some of books, i think they do that so that other people would not resell it or something. But over all ,it still just a book, a line only mah. Who cares, it's cheap! XD

-continue to the next post. lazy to upload pictures in this post. ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's been so long since i last blogged.


Guess i'm bored and fell like blogging.


let's see....

ITS 2010!!!

hah, so late to say that larr, its April liao. ;P


First term exams are over. Got average marks. Parents want's me to get all A's. NEEDTOWORKHARDER.

Midterm is coming. So many things to study. FORM 2 IS SO HARD! especially SEJARAH!

Currently, for art, we are doing some yarn doing thing. Not bad, well, much better that drawing and colouring. But my neck aches. ARGH!

LL: HAND CRAM!!! lolz... hmm..i wonder how many strings we used for this. hmmm??


hmm...can't really think of anything to write anymore.

hope something interesting comes around.

till then,

hope i blog soon. cause i know my blog is ABSOLUTELY dead. bet nobody gonna read this anyway.