Thursday, October 22, 2009






feels like my world is doomed......

i want a miralce to happen to me.....

God, please help me.

Have i not suffered enough?

Stop the torture.

I'm begging you.

Forgive me God.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today sucks.

Wasted the day.

Regret that i didn't study.

God, take that lazy bone out from me.


The past few days, my air-conditioner was like dead.

Not cold at all.

So the first few days i barely had any sleep. sleeping in sweat.

The third day, i decided to sleep in my parents room. I wonder was it a good choice or a bad one.

My little sister, Maxine, was sleeping in my parents room too. So that make the noisy-ness till midnight.

After Max fell asleep, mom forgotten to switch off the LIGHTS and TV!!! Ught! SO i woke up and off the lights and Tv. ahh....time to sleep

But wait....


DAD!!! put on your Snooring machine thingy.

Dad put's on.


Ahh.... i forgotten that machine also makes LOUD NOISES!!!

But the sometimes it doesn't...

Luckly i actually fell asleep. yay?! cause the next day got school.


So today, people came and fix me air-conditioner. WOOHOO!!!

After they fixed it, WOaH, COLDness filled my ROOM!

Then i decided to clean my table and window.


Its been like ages since i open my window.

Now i know why i should not open it. DUST BUNNIES. EWWwwWw

My table. Still messy??? At least there's space for me to do my work. Comp's a distraction man.

The out side of my window. Horrible view eh??? I wish a have a better view. No wonder the blindes are always down.

SOOO COOL NOWW...... Brrrrr






I NEED TO STUDY HARDER WEIIII, or not i'll be doomed.