Saturday, March 30, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Hello! 3 months passed by so quickly. I barely even notice. Many thing had happen over these pass few months. We're all so busy in life to actually stop and look back.

Let's recap. Plus it has been such a long time since I actually blogged about my life. Besides the overdue Hong Kong Trip! (its counted as 2012) So technically this shall be my first post about 2013.

2013. A new beginning. Graduated from High School. The place where memories, best friends, laughter were made. Starting a new race all over again. College.

I'm currently enrolled in Sunway College. Where else would I be? I'm like fated to be there. Since young my dad had instill the thought that I become an Accountant, okay more toward to having a professional accounting qualification. But it isn't easy, but hey, nothing in life comes easy, do they? I took the leap and chose to take ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales). Currently studying the foundation for it, which is CFAB (Certified in Financial, Accounting and Business). Not many people are familiar with this course compared to ACCA. Only Sunway carries this program in the whole of Malaysia. ICAEW has been around for quite some time, back in the days, to get this qualification, you have to go all the way to UK to do it. However, Sunway now offers this program and my dad is so delighted that he doesn't have to spend money on me to send me overseas. Oh the dream of going to Melbourne Australia is crushed.

Anyhow, the first few months in college was alright. I took the Sunway bus to college. Accounting students started our orientation on the 2nd of January. Earliest among all the other programs. On the first day waiting for the bus, I was completely alone at the bus stop, and yes, I was still alone after two weeks. Accounting students don't get any break, do they. Oh, the worst part is that we don't even get the RM250 book voucher. Thanks a lot Sunway or whoever I'm suppose to blame. Because we are just taking Certificate Level and we are not entitled to get it? UNFAIR. We pay as much as everyone else.

First semester was accounting. Just completed it not long ago, on the 22nd of March, to be exact. I PASSED with 72%. THANK YOU GOD! Currently studying Law now. Hello second semester. First semester was much more relaxed and we had TWO days off in a week. This semester, we only have Thursdays off. Better than nothing! But most of our classes end at 3:00PM now. I can't wait till I am able to drive. So sick of taking the public bus that is always inconsistent. Missing the bus just by a few seconds really pisses me off. Should have walked faster. But really, RAPIDKL should create an app. (HINT HINT)

I'm taking my driving test this coming Monday on the 1st of April. Wish me luck! I really hope I'll pass there and then! I have no time to retake it. Seriously. SO PRETTY PLEASE JPJ PEOPLE, LET ME PASS. THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

Oh and I got my SPM results on the 21st of March 2013. It was ONE day BEFORE my accounting final paper. How fantastic. I was actually very upset. I expected more A's and I was thrown down with disappointments. I only managed to get 4A+ 1A- 4B+


I was so scared that SunwayTES wouldn't accept my MISERABLE A- , but thank God they did. THANKYOU. I cried like a baby when I got home after I took my results. Rebecca called and I cried like I failed all my subjects. Overreacting, well technically its still quite bad as I expected more. But I am grateful that my parents were supportive. Without you, I think I would have given up. THANKYOU.

Sadly, I'm in no position to even request for anything with these miserable results. I'm already grateful that dad is even willing to pay for my expensive college fees. I really need to do better, but it's really tough. No doubt about it. I will do my best, at the very least, try and give it all that I got.

That is all for now. Actually there are a lot of things I would love to blog about, but Law is calling and slacking in front of the computer for so long is just going stab me in the heart one day. Better realize the reality now or I'm gonna get killed. Just tonight? (JOKING. BACK TO THE BOOKS)..... I hope