Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OMG!!! I can't believe my eyes!!! 2BALAU??!???!??!??!?

OKay, so today i went to school. SMKDJ. Was wondering if they really have the results to what class we will be going to next year. And what do'ya know. There it is. And i am going to 2Balau next year. OMG!!! I think they made a mistake or is my eyes playing with me???

Well ,here's it is. Go find my name. Look for CHIEW ZHI JUN. Its 2Balau right???!? LOL!!!

How can i survive in 2Balau??!?? I thought i would be going down, but instead i went up. Think gonna die. Real bad. Darn, that means more homework, more stress, more competition........EEEKKKKKK!!!!!!

Thank goodness Meng Xi is in the same class as me. WEEE!!!! I won't be lonely. LOL!!! Oh and thank goodness again, Balau is not the first class. Angsana is No.1 now. But that still leaves Balau to No.2.(CUT the last part)

More post are coming up. 2009 is almost here. Get ready to countdown.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas. 24th of December. Christmas Eve.

Mmmm.......Lettsee what happen today.

First of, went to art class on Christmas Eve, so yea, not much people.... Sadly, i didn't do any Chritmas stuff. Last year already did an ornament, and this year stuff is not for me, it for kidz. So i drew a tiger. *ROAR!*

Kinda looks weird at this angle. ~Meow!

After art class, mom came and brought her friend. So they were shopping for clothes in Altria, me and Max are so impatian. *pacing back and foward*, MOM! CAN WE GO HOME NOW??!?So me and Max walked around Altria, not literally, and we went to Victoria Music Center. Looked around and found the Twilight Soundtrack!!! Eventhou Joyce already helped me download it, but hey, i am a Twilight fan!!! Twilighter!!! Sooo i gotta have it!
TWILIGHT!!!! Edward Cullen is SOOO HOT!!! *melts*

After that, i just found out that in the evening, we had this Christmas Eve party/dinner invite from my dad's friend. There were alot of people and alot of FOOD!!! hmm.....where to start.....noodles, friend rice, nasi lemak, curry, chicken, jelly, pineapple tarts, cornflake thingy, jelly, LAMB, Aloe vera drink (home made) ,cheeze, pizza, urmm....i can't and never think......
Got this Christmas present from under the tree at the party.Not including the christmas hat background. It says: *Happy bear* What makes you so happy??? P/S : its a Bear-y coin box.LOL!

After the party, we went home. All of a sudden, my dad came up and ask me: " hey, you wanna buy the urm....gossip girl season 2? my answer is YES!!!! duh! Sadly i just found out that it isn't complete. The show is still in the making/casting??? I'm not sure....hmmm.....does anyone know where to watch GG in Malaysia?? What channel ,when , and what time. If anyone know, pleaze tell me. Thankx....

Gossip Girl Rocks!!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Stephanie.T Birthday

22th December 2008:

Happy 13th Birthday to Stephanie Tiow. Stephanie celebrates her B'day at 1U. Neway, karaoke box. It was real' fun for me, cause this is the first time going out with friends to karaoke.

I was the first of the guest list to arrive. Steph and her mom were waiting at old-wing Mc'd, eating breakfast. I just bought an apple pie to fill my stomach. Not long later, Mei Yan came. So then we went to Neway which is in new-wing. Neway looks really grand, for a first timer.

Karaoke room. It was clean .....before we trashed it! LOL!

Today was also Joyce' last Japanesse class. SO she wouldn't miss it. But then she too wanted to come to Steph's party. She had some problems on transport and blah-di-da-di-da. So she and Steph firgure it out. At about 12 , Joyce finishes her Jap class and goes back home. Steph mom went to pick her up, while me ,mei, and b'day gal Steph stay'd at Neway.


Looks messy.....XD....... Steph can sing real good. Joyce has a singing voice and a talking voice.....its different......and me??? well....i don't know how i it good or bad???

Snapping picture fight. Lame right??!?........i started it. XP LOL

Steph's old classmate friend, also called Stephanie came extreamly late. The actual time starts at 11:30a.m. and ends at 2:30p.m. . Steph's friend and her friends' lil sis came at 2 something. late..uh-huh.....

Group photo! left to right. Crystal ,Stephanie and Stephanie, Mei Yan, Joyce and me!

Time was running out. The karaoke cuts of at 2:30p.m. and the two newly came' haven't even had a chance to sing and we haven't exchange our Christmas presents yet. So we rush up and done it quickly. Supposingly, you have to sing 2 solo's to get your present. I did sang one, but we ran out of time.

They added another 15mins after 2:30p.m. Just we rushed up and sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake. The cake was nice, think its butter and blueberry. No chocolate cake fan here ,kays?

After the karaoke, our next stop is the cinema. Went to TGV to watch 'The Beverly Hills Chihuahua' . Damn, those beverly pups are so pampered and lucky man.......i know,i know, its just a movie.....

Show's not bad.

I really like my exchange and re-exchange my Christmas present. Its from Joyce. Love the Blue Mickey mouse handphone pouch. Now i just thought of it, i goes great with my matching phone. A little bit of blue.>.^

Well thats about it. Help'd send Mei home, since her dad was busy. And Joyce followed me back to my house, cause her mom hasen't finish work yet. So Joyce just waited at my house and played a little GH. She offically kick my ass in GH. She wins. *waves white flag*


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl!!! Since ALOT of people says' its nice, so i thought i give it a try.Bought the complete first season DVD. Well Actually, the truth is, i read the books(not all) and i think its really nice. Just started to watch it just now, and it totally rocks!!!

P/S: Stephanie's B'day is tomorrow!!!

Till then....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belated Gift and Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly . Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la....

Today i recieved a belated 13th birthday gift from my aunt Junita and her family, from Sweden.

Awww....they remembered!!! Lotz of LOve~

Pretty Stamps from Sweden......

Today, me and Reb had piano lesson. Every year, that time comes again. Hip hip horrah! ITS CHRISTMAS!!! And every year, my piano teacher will give us these delicious brownies.*drools*

Hehex....this year me and Reb requested for larger portion. WooHooo!!! Actually,we were just joking, we didn't think she take our request in mind. Hmmm....... YUMMY!!!! Thanks teacher!!!

After our piano class, we played BINGO! Lame right? I never win. Hmpt! >=( Reb won. Second place goes to Isaac and the LOSER award goes to me. *cry*=(

Isaac's CRAZY winning dance. LOL!

That's it for now......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wonder Corner

There, I promised. The FFX puzzle framed and i sticked up the posters too!!! Next year, my "The Simpsons" 2008 calender will be replaced by the pretty Twilight 2009 calender. yay! I *Hearts* corner: Twilight, Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy x, The simpsons. LOL!!! This time Max wouldn't be able to tear down my posters. HAH!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Long Day...

Wow! Its 12:30a.m right now! Never blog this late. WOH! Lol! Nothing to be proud of. HAH! I am so in LOVE with "Supermassive Black Hole" by MUSE! It's in the Twilight Soundtrack!!! Its ROCKS!!! LOVE IT!!! Its would be perfect for Guitar Hero.LOL! LOVE THE SONG!!!*hearts* This song is played when the Cullen family were playing Baseball. Love that part! SO COOL!!! Vampires are SO HOT!!! *drool*

OKay today went to do my hair. Now its Super straight. XD. Makes my face look fat. =( Last time, my hair is SUPER DUPER Puffy and Fizzy and curly. Trust me, its unbeliveable. Went to the saloon in Klang at 10 in the morning, reach time was 11:15.( Don't ask me why in the world did i choose Klang, so far from PJ just to do my hair, my mom's choice) Me, Max, mom, Reb, Reb's Mom, and aunt went together. The place was crowed?!? Sat there for hours. 1,2,3,4...6,7....9 hours! I thought it would be shorter this time, hmm...guess i was wrong obviosly, more people, less time to get it done on per person.(does the last part makes sence?)

Cut my hair too. Not short, but shorter. LOL! and a fringe???!? not those one straight line, y'know. All the grown ups perm their hair curly. Me, Reb and Maxine straighten our hairs. Eventhou max hair is already straight.=.=

Hmm....oh and today morning before going to klang, My mom's Game Boy gone ~lala. It mysteriously had water on/in it. My mom gone crazy. She's like scolding Max and accusing people. Since Max play as much as my mom, so the blam was on her. All of the sudden, GB is alive! wow, a miracle. *guess the GB was scolded and scared to death till it work* LOL!!! Hah!

p/s: Dad framed my FFX puzzle! Normal plain black Normal frame. =.= But haven't hung it up yet. =( hmm....think will hang it above my computer side desk.....will retake pic when its hung up!

Till then, ~Ta-ta!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey there! I finally finish reading BREAKING DAWN! It's such a fantastic book. LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! All four books are teriffic. Love them so much. BEST BOOKS I EVER READ: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Harry potter and the half-blood prince and Deathly Hallows, and urm....can't remeber what eles i read.........


Oh and i too finish my FFX puzzle ,that i bought in PD. Yay! My 'impossible' mission is over! LOL! Can't wait for my dad to frame it up.


Went to KL. Sungai Wang, a great place to buy clothes, for me. Shopping for clothes today. Like playing dress-up. XD .LOL! hmmm.......lettsee.......i bought a dress, 3 shirts, a scarf, and a pair of sneakers.

SNEAKERS!!! LOL! Thought i'm not a big fan, this is the only pair of sneakers that are wear-able right now.

Later on, my dad went to Cheras to fix his almost DYING guitar. The stings are broken, some parts are LOST, some parts are losse, and its old. All thanks to Maxine the Destroyer.XP Wish my dad could just buy me a new guitar instead of using his old one. But what-the-heck, i might not play it anyways.=P

And mom bought little fishes. LOL! P/s: Can't wait for next Wed, going to the Saloon! Woopie!!! Its about time!

Thats all for now, ~muacks

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ello there! School holiday is coming to an end SOON!!! *cry* Hope everyone out there had a great holiday!

OKay! So today i went to my dear dear friend, Joyce, house. Mainly she wanted to give me her "SURPRISE" in return Posters.

Me Likey!!! Ichijou's in it!

Lol, hah, got back my own poster XP.......Love it!

Final Fantasy X !!! Pretty!

I absolutely LOVE Guitar Hero!!! unless its really hard. Me and Joyce played Guitar Hero III . We played Co-op and we WON the Med game!!! YAY!!! We switch games. My GH custom and her GH 3. I lent her my "New Moon" eventhou she HAVEN"T finish my "Twilight"!!! She's been playing/traning GH too much till she didn't read, right Joyce? Well, congrats, you kicked my butt at it. >=P

We did watch "The Dark Knight" . But we didn't watch finish. I don't get the story. Why is it call the dark knight, when the story's character is Batman and the Joker? There no knight. Or is there? I borrowed 2 of her CD's which are Riot! by Paramore and Coco by Colbie Caillat.

Tired now, don't wanna write anymore....Z_Z

That's all for now, ~ta-ta

Monday, December 8, 2008


LOL! I am back home from Port Dickson. At Last! HOME SWEET HOME! I been to PD too many times. So its a BOre. Nothing fun to do there. z_z ........ But i'll just post this up anyway. XD P.S. My dog/fish/turtles/tortuise/and back alley cats(not mine) did NOT die.

First day;

Did nothing much, actually. It was late when we got there. About 2-3 in the afternoon. After we settle in the HORID socalled hotel, i don't even know the dumb name of it, and all i know is , it's under the goverment. A.K.A under goverment property, and we all know what the goverment do......And Oh yea, and Lil Maxine rode this horse or pony.

2nd day;

DID NOTHING...... AGAIN! Bought a FFX puzzle. Wish me luck TRYING to do it. LOL. XD 1000 pieces! *faints*

3rd and FINAL DAY!;

I'M HOME ! YAY ! Came back at about 2 in the afternoon, and here typing this! Its been raining like MAD today. From PD rain till i came back home! oh wow....hope there isn't a HUGE flood. ~~On the was back, we stopped in SS2 to have our lunch. I bought some DVD's on the way: Wild Child, Nancy Drew, Another Cinderella Story, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones.......P.S. I'm ALMOST done with Breaking Dawn!!! WEEEE!!! i know, 3 days in PD doing mostly nothing......hehe......~~

Till then...