Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mission becoming fat

Just came back from Taiwan last Friday! I was there from the 18th till the 25th of November. One week! So much food I gobble down there.


I guess I should at least start at some point and start blogging or not I will most probably get VERY lazy and can't even be bothered. 

Sadly, my computer STILL isn't fix yet! It has been like weeks! Which feels like months actually, but the fact is that, my computer crashed right before exams ended. But then, my computer had some problems with the internet connection. So in other words, my computer has been pretty fried up for the pass month already. Sad case bro.

I'm using my dad's laptop now. Not really used to it. I miss my computer. I miss my super fast speed and big wide screen. Now I guess there isn't much hope anymore. All my songs in iTunes are most probably lost and can't be found anymore. fml. Dammit should have saved it into my hard drive! GAH.

It's so hard to even look through all the pictures nicely with my dad's laptop. ITS SO LAGGY! BUT, LIFE GOES ON and so does this blog post. 

18th November 2011; Day One

Woke up at 5:00am in the morning when our flight is at 9 something in the morning. Okay so one hour ride to the LCCT airport, so we reached there at 6 something. WHY IN THE FREAKING WORLD MY DAD CAME SO FREAKING EARLY FOR???! Ugh. Well, better be early than late. But that's just freaking too early isn't it?

We went to the Lounge to wait. So is this why we woke up so early for? We still had to pay, which isn't cheap. After discount it was still RM89. JUST TO SIT THERE FOR LIKE AN HOUR???! I rather spend that time in Starbucks and order a large Caramel Frappuccino and muffins or whatever that's awesome. 

I couldn't really be bothered taking any pictures when I was there. I took a nap and was sleeping so nicely until my parents had to wake me up and we had to go.

They had a coffee maker, but it was mehh. Food also mehh. So not worth it la. But I shall not complain anymore and be grateful. Thank you daddy <3

So I guess this is why my dad brought us to the lounge. He thought he could get us all in with free passes with his credit cards, but he thought wrong. Out of the countless credit cards he has, only three were valid to let us go in for free. But there were five of us, so my dad had to pay for two. RM 178. wtf

Grandma, Maxine, Daddy

Maxine was crying. WHY YOU WORRY SO MUCH FOR?! It's like she gets more and more timid and scared as she gets older. This is what Internet and TV does to kids nowadays, is it? I bet she flown overseas, took planes more times than any of her friends. Please, Maxine, can you please stop ruining all the fun? You're so spoil until you don't even appreciate anything anymore. Wanna go on holiday also no fun. YES. YOU ARE A MOOD SPOILER MAXINE. How me and you wish you could stay at home. I know that's all you want, internet, food and tv. I really wish you could stay at home too okay? But no, daddy and mummy loves you too much to leave you behind, so that means, not very fun trips for me for the coming years.

Lots of people kancheong lining up! Chillax people!!!

Stupid blogger go rotate my picture. I dunno how to rotate it back. Yes, i'm a noob.

 Air Asia airplane!

 Premium seats baby! <3

 No crammy tiny seats! My dad would literary die. He needs space for his big belly. SOOOO, does this mean we get to sit first class again? :D

 All comfy with the blankets and pillow! Oh gosh! Their blankets are so soft and fluffy! 

After around 5 hours of flight with lots of turbulence but I slept like a baby piglet, we have reached TAIWAN-LAND!

My uncle, who works in Taiwan came and picked us up. He had a car, but obviously couldn't fit us all into his Ford with 6 gigantic luggage. So my dad took our luggage and sat my uncle's friends car back to my uncle's apartment in Taipei. The ride was around 45 minutes? I was sleeping in the car anyways. 

My uncle's apartment was gorgeous! It was located in a good location, or so they say. Its in the city area, don't ask me the location cause I'm an utter banana. Was it called Chang An? EH, not sure k.

 THIS IS HOW THEY HANG THEIR  PICTURES! Like we learn in Physics. lol

We had our dinner in a restaurant opposite my uncle's apartment and God, the food was so delicious! First day already freaking awesome food! That place serves free ice cream. Oh.My.God. Their Mango Ice Cream and Rum and Raisin Ice Cream were like heaven! I'm craving so badly for them now! 

19th November 2011; Day 2

The next morning, my uncle brought us to this soya bean place! THE FOOD IS GOOD! <3

This is the soya bean that is salty. It may look not THAT appetizing, but the taste is quite nice. It's unique? But some people have different taste, like the durian. I think this is quite nice, my dad LOVES it. But my aunt said last time she went, she said she eat until she wanna vomit. SO YEAH. Different people, different taste.

This is the soya bean with egg in it. It's quite a different taste compare to normal. 

 The normal soya bean. Still at its best.

Xiao Long Pau! Taste pretty good!! They had a lot of meat it them! Cravingsssss

 Uncle purposely ordered an egg for Maxine but she didn't wanted to eat. FUUUUU -__-
The carrot cake was damn delicious btw <3

 Lots of people lining up!

 Their Yao Za Guai was da bombbbbb <3

After breakfast/ lunch we went around sightseeing 


 Dad taking pictures with his iPhone.

 Hi there. I see a boat. 

I sense this is gonna be a fail blog cause I realize that I don't exactly know what are all the places I been are called. 


This place is urm.... the rock that looks like a head shape place#fail

 Can you spot the miniature statue there?

 This taste da bomb! I bought the one on the left. I.want.more.

My grandma had to pee, so we stop at some hotel. Did I mention it was raining the whole day?

After that we went back to my uncle's apartment. At night, me, mum, dad and uncle went out for dinner. Grandma and Maxine stayed at the apartment cause they were tired.

We walked to Breeze Center to have our dinner at the food court.

 Seaweed udon! <3

 Mum's food. Looks yummy!

 The LRT. Very Berry crowded.

 This place has the freaking most awesome bubble tea I ever taste. A million times better than Chatime! 
I'm craving for their milk tea! Mouthgasm okay!

I washed my hair that night and found out that my hair straightener couldn't work there. FUUUUUUUUU

Yes,my hair was horrible from that day onwards.

 20th November 2011 ; Day 3

Went out with uncle again to eat dim sum for breakfast.

 The food was yummy. OMG. THE MANGO PUDDING WAS LOVE! Dammit, I want some now!!!

Sorry, I didn't have enough time or thought to take pictures of the food. Too hungry and forgotten. Damn.

Waiting for my uncle to bring his car over....

(If not there won't be any pictures)

Not a very nice background dad, as you can see, a dog is pooping there.#fail

After breakfast, my uncle took us here

This taste freaking awesome!!! Despite the colour might turn you off a little, but like the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover!"


Then we went to this tea shop to buy some Chinese Tea! 

  My love for tea

 This taste so yummy! Yummiest corn I ever eaten!

Beautiful weather that day 

Then we went to the Cihu Mausoleum


 Daddy and Mummy

 Me and Mum

Daddy and Mummy again

The Mausoleum

Did I mention that the place is gorgeous?


Dad wanted to take a picture with this st so badly to make it his facebook profile pic. lol.

Someone was getting tired and grumpy 

21st November 2011 ; Day 4

Today went to Taipei 101

My uncle, grandma and me took a cab there. While my dad, mum and Maxine took another cab cause obviously one can't fit us all in.

  Nice weather!
Wind + Sun = BEST WEATHER 

Dad and Uncle wanted to go to this convention there. So left me, mum, Maxine and grandma. Going to Taipei 101 was kinda fail. Well, an absolute FAIL actually. What's worst, it was such a beautiful day. After dad and uncle went to the convention, the only place we went in Taipei 101 is the toilet, cause my grandma wanted to use it. We didn't go into any other shop cause..well, they're all BRANDED. So we went to the other building with is connected and bought Maxine McDonald. 

Maxine didn't even finish her fries. That was seriously a waste of time. Not long after my uncle and dad was done looking around the convention, they came and met us. It was most probably around the afternoon already and my uncle had to go for some surgery. So we parted and wanted to walk around. But NO, MAXINE CHIEW said she was tired. So we had to take a cab back.



22th November 2011 ; Day 5

Today, we took the same taxi cab that picked us up from Taipei 101 back to our apartment. He was super friendly, and very sociable. When we were going back, my parents and grandma had a little chat and he offered to take us to some tourist sight seeing areas. So he was like our personal tour guide.

First we went to see the waterfalls.


 There's a praying mantis next to the leaf on the left. 

stairs. my mortal enemy. jk. hai.


 Can you see the rainbow?

 Our taxi driver/ personal tour guide?

 How cool is that?! It's a coconut tea, but another tree twined around it!

 Someone was being grumpy and tired again

After that, we went to the hot spring!

 The hot spring was really fun! Lots of nice herbs and hot water. How could you not like it? 

After that we went and had our super late lunch. It was already 4:00pm

The prawns were very fresh! But the food was definitely overly priced.

That day, my cousins from Australia, who is my uncle's daughter and his wife came to Taiwan too. So we had to move out of my uncle's apartment and had to stay in another apartment of his. It definitely wasn't as nice as my uncle's current apartment, that's for sure! IT HAS NO WIFI. T.O.R.T.U.R.E.

We went around walking for a bit to look for dinner and we came pass this amazing place....


I really wanna go back Taiwan just to buy more of this. But the price is not too kind to your wallets.
 Fish paste. 

 Maxine all grumpy at the dinner table. 

23rd November 2011 ; Day 6

Today, the taxi uncle came and fetch us around again! 

For breakfast, we went back to the same place my uncle took us on the first few days. My dad loves the salty soya bean so much that he has to eat it again! I don't mind :D

 The Tau Foo Fa is freaking da bomb! <3 yummy max 

After breakfast, we went sightseeing again. Sadly, the weather wasn't so nice that day. Rainy day. -sad face-

After that, we went to a temple

 Hi turtle!

Then we went to another place which has this old Japanese house on display, so we went in and had a look.

After that, we continued our walked under the heavy horrid rain.

The Gold Mine Museum?

My hair was pretty horrible that day. Rain rain rain. ugh. Did I mention I was wearing slippers the whole entire Taiwan trip?! Through rain, wind and sun. That day was crucial. My feet was so cold but I still had to force myself to move. Worst part was we were on the hill tops, so visibility was almost zero and the wind was very strong till it could have tipped me over. 



After that we went to another temple

 My dad wanted to take a picture but there were these Japanese people who were standing right at the door step and wouldn't want to move. So yeah. >___>

 Look at the tiles! It's actually one tile! So cool right? Olden days people did this.

After that we went to JiouFen

 I like the read bean soup better than the ginger while my parents and grandma like the ginger one better. 
Vice Versa

-tummy grumbles-

 The fish ball is so awesome till I would kill for some now. Like seriously. DAMMIT. 

24th November 2011 ; Day 7

Woke up super late, so day was practically over. Did I mention that it gets dark by 5pm already? Dad wanted to buy shoes. So we went to Clarks and he bought two pairs of shoes. How much is an average Clarks shoes? He got two for $9000++ which is around RM900++

After that, Maxine wasn't feeling well. She vomited and we went to my uncle's apartment. I stayed there for a while and enjoy the lovely wifi, while my parents brought my sister to see a doctor.

Last day to run around Taiwan NOT spent well. OH WELL. sigh

25th November 2011 ; Day 8 ( LAST DAY )

Our taxi driver came and pick us up again today, for the last time. We went out for breakfast before we hit the airport.

Dad self delayed us. Our flight was suppose to be at 3:55pm and my dad looked wrongly and thought it was 2:55pm. When we went there it was only 12:00pm and the airport people don't even let us check in until 1:30pm. 

Conclusion, don't even conclude dad knows everything. Especially with flights. Well, at least this time we were early and not late. So we stone at the airport like we did when we wanted to come to Taiwan. Oh wow. Thank God the airport has WiFi! But it wasn't that stable but still usable #happy

Finally it was 1:30pm and we went and check in. We waited at first on the other side of the airport. By the time we walked to our counter, at far distance, we could see it was packed tight with lots of people! I was like: ITS GONNA TAKE FOREVER! 

But there was this special line for us. How awesome it is to be Premium? The awesomeness is just awesome. 

After we check in, we stoned some more. yay.





Everyone was walking around and looking around the airport while I was on guard duty of the bags. How nice. not. 


Finally, it was time to board the air plane. Time to go home! We were first to board the plane too. How awesome is premium? The benefits of paying extra. Thank you Air Asia. Oh and thanks for helping me with my booboo! I had a cut the other night, and there wasn't a plaster to be seen. My finger bleed the whole night. Couldn't sleep at all that night. The flight wasn't that nice as compared to the one we took back. This time it has so much more turbulence and it was very cold! 

Back home at last! It's actually quite nice to be back home. A place familiar and driving on the RIGHT side of the road. Dad bought liquors in the Duty Free shop to give to his friend, and it ain't cheap. So tempted to buy Burberry's BODY perfume! It smells so lovely! But the price was RM300+ All Burberry perfume cost above RM300 :( 

Dad's friend came and picked us up and I was squashed at the back seat with Maxine. She was rather quite through out the whole ride. It's kinda creepy. And yes, I was literally squashed cause every time my dad breaks, the luggages would push the chair, thus squashing me. 

After a very painful hour drive, finally back home. HOME SWEET LOVELY HOME. 

That concludes my Taiwan Trip!