Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28

I have been MIA for almost FOUR months now. Hello again!

Finally, another chapter in life has just ended.

After 28 days of torture, well 24 days actually. SPM finally ended for me!

This has got to be the LONGEST month ever! From the 5th of November, our SPM examination started. The first week was the compulsory subjects, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Sejarah(History) and Maths. Then we had one week off. I would say that the one week was kinda distracting, but I guess it did gave us some more time to study for the up coming subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Add Maths, Moral and Accounts.

Lets just say, I was very impatient. SPM took way too long! But thank goodness it's over now.


So what's next?

Food. Holiday. Driving. Party. Holiday. Slack. Prom. Comic Fiesta. Slack. Holiday. Party. Food.

I think my "HOLIDAY" will be much spent on sleeping and eating. Hoping to start learning how to drive soon. Oh, what scares me the most? The traffic jams. How horrendous. I hope my driving skills are good! Dad isn't getting me a new car though. Guess my Volkswagen dream is over. Good bye my beautiful VW.

I'm going to Ipoh tomorrow. Going to visit The Lost World of Tambun! Next blog post will be about that! Stay tuned! Hopefully the trip is blog worthy :)