Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mid-Term Exams are nearing!!! 4 more days! eeekk! What am i doing here? @.@

Form 3 exams starts on the 27th of May till 4th of June. On the 28th of May is Wesak Day. I should be going to the temple... PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. I WANT STRAIGHT A's!!! 

Always, i know there isn't much point of blogging la. nobody gonna read, but i just feel like blogging now, while i actually should be studying. BUT, studying is BORING. Aiya. just for a WHILE only. (few hours) Well. it's just that at home there's so much distraction. So hard to concentrate sitting right in front of the computer. Haiz. need to shut you down....maybe later... ;x

Next thing i wanna tell you is that my phone is REALLY in a very CRAPPY state right now. Like SERIOUSLY. I should take a picture of my phone, but i don't have my OWN camera. (I wanna a dslr) and i dunno where dad put his camera. So yea, my phone the thingy that can slide to music and radio thingy fell out mysteriously by it self or kena something then fell out. So now my phone sucks. =.=

OHH, OHH! Dad got me a new monitor. BIGGER! weee. SO THAT I CAN SEE CLEARER. Not that i'm blind or anything. Bigger the better right? 

That's about it. I bet everyone is busy studying right now. Not much people on facebook. THEY MUST BE STUDYING. I should do that too. I NEED TO HARDCORE STUDY LIKE MAD!!! help me.