Sunday, February 6, 2011

Genting With The Cousins

30th January 2011, Sunday.

I went up to Genting with my cousins and my uncle and aunt. 

Why so random go up? Well, it's because a few months back, no wait, I think it was December? okay, anyways, Genting one world hotel had a promotion. It was like RM 28 per room only. SO CHEAP. So my aunt booked two rooms. So they invited me too :D YAY!

It was 9:00a.m. and Rebecca and her family came to my house and pick me up. We went outside my house to have breakfast. Lucky we didn't straight go up to Genting, because I forgotten to bring my jacket! So after breakfast, we went back to my house and took it and I also took my mum's jacket for my aunt cause the jacket she brought was very thin. 

I felt very grateful that we went back and took the jackets. Or I would have to freeze my butt of up there. It was freezing cold! Especially when we first got down from the car, in the car park. Oh and btw, it was raining that day. BOOO! So it was super duper effin cold too! LIKE BRRRRRRRR!!!!! -teeth chattering- (literally!)

We then went to the lobby. OMG, it was super PACK! So many people!!! I have no idea how long we waited there. While my aunt was waiting for her turn, we went down and took our luggage. Went through the cold windy car park again. 

The lift took like forever to come down. There was THAT many people there that day. The lift was working so hard that it was literally SWEATING! no joke! well, actually the mist got condensed. Turn in water droplets. 

Isaac was impatient and so we walked up by using the stairs while we waited like idiots for a very slow and packed lift. Should have went up with him, can exercise and freeze our butts! HEH

After many minutes of waiting, the lift FINALLY came! WOOTS! I bet Isaac reached the lobby like in 2 minutes while we took a lift and reached in 10 minutes. 

We then sat down and waited for our turn to check-in. 


My cousin brother, ISAAC!

My cousin sister, Rebecca and Me!

Rebecca got a new phone for getting 8A's in her PMR! YAY! 

Oh and btw, she cut her hair! SHORT NOW! like in her kiddie days :)


 I didn't even get to wear my sunnies the whole time I was in Genting, expect this picture of course. So gloomy, cold and barely have any sun. 

A clown selling ICE-CREAM! So cold who wanna buy?

playing with INSTAGRAM!!!

After a long wait. Not too bad since we spent most of out time camwhoring and nom-ing on COCOPIE! 8D Finally, we checked in and went up to our rooms. 

After we put all our things and ate sandwiches my aunt brought up, we went down to the indoor theme park.

RAWRRR!!! You have big nostrils too! I guess it runs in the family? LOL

Rebecca! v(^.^)v

Isaac: NICE ASS!


Brother and Sister LOVE! :D


We actually did roll a coin and made a wish. Which is for the weather to be better so that we could play the outdoor theme park. But sadly our wish didn't came true. :( The weather still sucked even till the day we had to go back.

Anyways, I bought a super cute wolf hat! RM 30

It's cute okayyyyy! :) I like it and nothing else matters :p


The hat makes EVERYONE instantly CUTE! Don't you agree? :3

All shots of me onwards contains a cute fluffy wolf on my head :3

Just a little head's up to you guys out there 

The rules for riding the bumper car

Like as if anyone actually follows rules in a ride? I saw a guy with a camera in one hand and the other on the steering wheel. And how are we not allowed to bring out mobile phones? >___>

We played the bumper car oh too many times through out the whole Genting Trip. 

Well, there isn't anything else for us to do! And the bumper car was the only fun ride in the indoor theme park. The rest are all MEHHHH.

OH YEAH! I remembered something!

My aunt and uncle sign us up for the Genting Membership thing. The card that Isaac is holding, the above picture -points-

Yea, that card, it cost about RM128. 

It's a membership for 13 months. You can go and play in Genting everytime without paying for the indoor and outdoor theme park when you have this membership card. It's quite okay, if like you constantly come up to Genting. But even if you don't, like maybe come up every school holiday also worth it. Cause like one theme park ticket also around RM60 or 70? So if two theme park is already like RM120++

We went on the reindeer ride!  

Awww! Isaac all alone! One ride only can have two person(adults)

Statue of liberty riding a bike?!


Yes, Isaac was scared. Not that he was alone, well, sort of that too. It's because the thing isn't balanced. So it's like slanting one side, the side he's sitting. So it's kinda scary? One side senget, like it's gonna fall or something, according to him. So that wasn't so fun for him.

After some rides, we just loiter around. We bought some stuff, especially food! Can't stop eating! XD

If you can see there's actually a MINI sniper next to my head. My immature cousin did that. YEA YEA. REAL FUNNY. 

At night we went to the ARCADE!!!

One thing I learnt that day is, Arcades are as vicious as Casinos.

Only God knows how much money we wasted.

Have to bang the table and after some time you have to flip the table. Can earn around 50 tickets per game, unless you suck, then tough luck kid.


Aiyorrrr! Stop camwhoring already laaa :p

Arcades are such a waste of money only. HMPT. 

Can't even get the bear-bear :(


And so we camwhored again :x

We then went back into the indoor theme park. Played the bumper car again. It seems like the only ride that's playable that is fun. With that, it has to be always jam pack with people.

The bear we redeem with the tickets we got. 
What a freaking waste of money. Use the money go buy a bigger bear better then wasting money on this stupid thing.

It said ADULT bumper car but there was a lot of little children there too.
Why can't you kiddies play your junior bumper car?
That night, our bumper car round was quite fun!
Cause we played with like a group of teenagers. So it was so much more fun than playing with older more serious or younger and timid people.

The next day.

Weather still sucked. 

We tried our luck in the outdoor theme park. The only thing that was playable was the Antique Car.

The weather was still very misty and cold. 
Freezing our butts!
But it was quite fun, tolerating with the cold.
I know, we're weird.

Since the outdoor theme was barely even open or even valid to play in it, we went in again.

How many times have we walked around the whole place over and over again? I lost count. 
Our legs were staring to hurt after the aftermath of the first day. We, were high. So we ran around the place like idiots! 
I bet we got a FEW stares that day. 
Especially ME! I LOVE ME WOLF HAT! ♥

Did you know, CarloRino is a division of Bonia Group?

We went on a ride in the indoor Gondola. 

We threw a few more coins into the water, hoping that the weather will be much better on the last day.

Played the Antique Car again. Hell, we were that bored.

So foggy! Visibility: barely can see anything.


What would be awesome in such a cold weather you might ask...



OH SOOO YUMMMYYYYYY!!!! ♥ Peanut Butter is loveeeee

We then went back to the hotel. I took a nap.
Did I told you that I could barely sleep the night before?
It was so effin' cold that I can't even fall asleep.
Well, I was kinda stupid too actually. I knew I was cold but I was THAT lazy/tired to get up and grab my jacket. Oh and I was stupid enough to wear SHORTS to sleep in Genting Highland. 


:p ♥

Yes, we played the Antique Car again. It was like the only ride that is constantly empty.


I went on the Ferris Wheel with Rebecca. Isaac took off and we couldn't be bothered to find him. Who ask you walk so fast!



We went out in the freaking cold weather at night! 

Cause we're bored like that.

The Last Day.

I got nothing more to say to the weather.


One last ride on the Antique Car and we couldn't be bothered playing anymore indoor games.

But nom-ing on waffles? ANYTIME! ♥

Aunt and Uncle went to play in the casino for a while. 

So what to do leh? 

My aunt gave us each RM15 to play in the arcade. 

Me and Rebecca wasted our money on some luck, throwing the ball into the cup.

The teddy bear was so tempting.

We also saw some Arabian guy playing the shooting game like a PRO! He must have been in the army or something before. He won the plush toy for his girlfriend like a pro. So having a boyfriend that know's how to shoot isn't so bad eh?

Not long after, we eventually gave all our money into machines that cons money like BAM. Arcades are so evil :'( But so tempting and fun at the same time.

And so we waited like retards.

We had to wait for my aunt and uncle to finish with their "business" Good thing they did win some money :)

We ate at MarryBrown. First time trying. Not bad. Then back home we went.

13 Degrees Celsius. 
Good-Bye Genting.
Till we meet again