Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few days ago, i randomly came across these pictures.

Aren't they beautiful???

The Seven Deadly Sins everyone.

Digital Art. made by Marta Dahlig(blackeri). Deviant Art.

You can also view from here. .


~ Wrath.

~Vanity. Also known as Pride. SO PRETTy!! ~~hot


~ Avarice. Also known as Greed. Pretty

~ Gluttony

~ Envy

That's it for now.

Exams are nearing....nooo

Monday, September 21, 2009



a pictureless post

The day before my Aunt's wedding, we went back to our homwtown. I went back myself, alone, following with Rebecca's family. Maxine and my parents stayed at home because Maxine had rashes and spoiled the whole thing. Hmpt. Throw me aside.

I packed a big bag full of stuff. And i think i only used about 50-60% of it, either more or less.

One hour drive back to Kuala Selangor, it's so tiring. As always, i don't like going back to kampung, luckly, the weather wasn't as hot as it usally was. The pass week it was always raining in the afternoon, at about 4-6p.m. even in PJ right? But the one thing that i hate the most when i go back to kampung is the mosquitoes. I know my blood is very tasty(perasan-ing), but can you go suck someone elses please??? SO ITChY!!!

Got there at about 5 something, so we rest in my grandparents house for a while. Played Guitar Hero. Later we ate KFC for dinner. Then we walked back to my uncle's shop-house. Overnight there. They have 4 kids. We played the PS2.

Next morning. 20.09.2009. Aunt's wedding day.

Woke up at 6:50a.m. Hmmm.... i thought i set my alarm clock at 6:30a.m??? i thought we were still early but we were actually abit late.

Brush my teeth, took a shower, dry my hair, eat breakfast. Already 8. SHOOT!!! I haven't straighten my hair. Took out my straightener, heat it up, straighten a lock. UNCLE: LETS GOO!!! LATE ALREAdy!! So i off the switch, throw my straighteber into the plastic bag and OUCH!!! the straightener still is HOT!!! burnt my another tumb. haiz... so went to my grandparents house. Luckly the groom havent' come. So quicky straighten my hair( I WANT MY MIRROR!!!). Changed into the dress and rushed into another room to get me and reb's makeup done. While they were still doing my make-up. *HONK* *HONK* *HONK*!!! the groom came.

As always, the groom can't go into the bride's room yet. GAMEs!!! i didn't really got to see much cause was stuck in the room and don't really understand what they are saying , dialect. When i peeked, i saw someone counting cash. lots of RM1. swt. then they have to go pick flowers. And pick some raw green mango out side of the house and bite it. And do pumping. And the groom have to sing a song before he can go in. Well it was not actually a song, sort of a phrase. 老婆,老婆,我爱你。"dear wife, i love you." IS that even a song??? no,don't think so.

After that they went out the house then came back. Next is the tea ceremony. Then we got to collect ang pow. While they were talking and about to leave, me and rebecca( the bride's maids ) took the suppose to bring stuff and put it in the wed's car. Then we rush to take my handbag. ( i wished i took all my stuff back to PJ) Then we hopped onto Reb's dad car and drove back to PJ. Another hour.12.00p.m. We went to my aunts house. Me,camera girl, helped take pictures for people by using PEOPLE's camera but not MINE!!! Not long after, more people came and more pictures to take. aww man, i wish i did use my camera to take pictures of everything.

At about 12:30p.m. the food came. YAY!!! so we ate lunch. Then more people came. I so envy the guy that have the canon SLR camera. So that takes my job away, that guy took the photos with his camera.After lunch, we were still hangin' in our aunts house for a while. Still load of people there. Reb's parents went back to kampung first. Not long after that, we, me ,max,reb ,isaac and my parents went back to my house to take a quick shower. WTH. a shower but you can't wash your face. damn oily oiii!!! Wore back the same dress and then we went to my aunt's house again. I wish we had more time. hai. Whwn we reach to their house, my aunt was still doing her hair. SO long... after her, which left abt 5 mintues to just put some lipstick on me and reb.

4:15p.m.Then of we go again back to Kuala Selangor. Another hour. SO late. The dinner actually starts at 5. Reach there at about 5:30. Traffic jam at sungai buloh way. Dinner was at the sea side. Loads of people.

At about 6:30 or so, not so sure, the dinner start. FOOD!!! First few corses, eat alot, then came the 4-5. My dress is SOOO TIGHT!!! can barely breath. Actually not that full, but my tummy expanded and the dress ain't strethable. I was die-ing to go back to my grandparents house, where i put all my stuff(most of it) over there and change into t-shirt and pants. SO uncomfartable. Reb's zipper's dress broke, because SOMEONE( little cousin ) pulled her dress until it tore. So naughty.

People sang karaoke. Especially my grandparents, my grandma, LOVES karaoke. after that yum seng time. wow, i can't believe my grandpa can hold that long and that loud. YUMMMMMMMm mmmm emmmmmyummm SENG!

After that, desert came and wedding dinner is over. 8:00p.m.

We stayed back for a while (NOO...i want to change my clothes!!!) to collect left over drinks and count ang pow money from the guest to pay the bill for the dinner. So the kids went into my mom's naza and watch tv until the grown up finishes their work. LEgs hurt. high heels are for self-defends, it hurts. ouch. scratched my self accidentaly while walking.

9:00p.m. After paying the bill we went back to my grandparents house. AHHH.... change clothes, so relaxed. wash face, lagi more relax. Then, damn those mosquitoes, ITCHY!!! Packed our bags, well mine myself. Then drove to my uncle's shop-house to take my PS2 and we waited for the others to drive there and take their stuff too.

So three cars: my mom's naza, the wedding car(my dad's camry) and Reb's dad car drove back to PJ. HOME SWEET HOME!!!

Took a quick shower, quickly unpack ALL my stuff, and go to sleep( 1:30a.m.) SOOOO exhausted.

I wish my maid was here.

oh and Selamat Hari Raya to whoever is celebrating and happy holidays.

EEEE....exams are COMING!!! Need to force myself to STUDY!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today we went to Sungei Wang to buy a pair of shoe for me to wear on my Aunt's wedding day. We walked to a few shops, which mostly sell all the similar shoes. So i ended up buying this pair. Hello again shoe.

Nice??? I hope i don't FALL!!! The heel is HIGH!!!

Ugh...i shouldn't have worn my old shoes. My feet HURTS!!!

Okay, next after buying my shoe and Maxine's too, we walked to Plaza Low Yat, to buy my maid a new cell phone.

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music.

When we were going up the escalators, the ground floor had a olympus convention thingo. Promoting the olympus pen. SLR.

I prefer CANON!!! So want one. keep on dreaming la.
Canon, delighting you always. I WANT!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today, my aunt took me, and my cousins, Rebecca and Isaac to Cineleisure to find a dress for me and Reb to wear on my aunt's wedding day.

After walking to a few shop, we found some champange coloured dress. Well 3 only acctually. So we tried it out and choose 2. Obviosly. Then while the lady was ironing the dresses. We went to Sun Comic to look at some DVD's.

I bought dramas by Kenichi Matsuyama. Rebecca bought Devil May Cry and Kuroshitsuji (AWESOME ANIME). And Isaac bought some Naruto or is it Bleach merchandise.

The DRAMA that i bought. Starring KENICHI MATSUYAMA:


Eee....i want DON'T LAUGH AT MY ROMANCE!!! can't find. SO SAD!!! =(