Sunday, May 18, 2008

Someone's Wedding

Okay so,today i went to my dad's uncle son son's wedding.So its a Malay wedding (*I'm Not a Malay*).It was held at KLCC Tower.Me and my family went there late,so by the time we were there,not much people lar...Luckly still got food,the food was those tradisional food,OK OK la the food.

After finish makan,then i got this.Its called a bunga telur.

So it was time to leave,i hate going up and down the KLCC Tower's elevator!It makes my ear like wanna burst!

After that,we went to Cheras shopping center"Leisure Mall".I Bought a shirt ,a pants and New shoes!

After shopping for 2 hours,we went home.I am so wiped out!XP ...........ZzZzZz...........

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Stephanie Tiow Yew Yann said...

Nice shoes! Anyway.. i thought bunga telur was an egg with flowers..haha! Nice blog n hope U leave me a comment too! U can see my blog add on my e-mail add! Nice blog anyway!