Thursday, October 2, 2008

Port Dickson

First thing first, today is a new month, OCTOBER!!! Well, its not a very merry month for me, eventhought, the first two days are Hari Raya, and the holidays. This is because, YEAR-END EXAMS!!! DUM-DUM-DUM!!!The exams are at the end of October.....SO STUDY!!!

1st October, Wednesday:

Today, me and my family went to Port Dickson. We wanted to go there at 7 in the morning, but end up going there at 10a.m.(ZZZzzzZZZ) So when the time we reach there, it was about in the afternoon. We didn't stay in a resort or hotel, cause , my dad's friend(Uncle Kelvin) has a Bangolow in Port Dickson.( His family one la). Its called Sunshine Villa. It has its own Swimming pool and a slide. And just right behind his house is the beach. The house was packed. There were ,wait let me count....1,2,..5....7....8...Around there or more kids, so Maxine(my lil' sis) was really happy to have so much friends around to play with.

First stop was the beach. Me and Maxine first wanted to make a sand castle, but we ended up finding shells/crabs. Me and my mom actually caught a fish ( tiny little fishy). But ended up , i think dead,cause, after we left to see if there was anymore fishes, the kids took my bucket and filled it with SAND!!! Swt=.=

It was about 1-2 in the afternoon, so we went in the house and have our lunch...Next we went to the pool...I didn't feel like playing in the pool, so i sat there and watch them play. Maxine's fav part cames in,SLIDE!!! But it was horribly tire-ing for my dad. The slide was on the deaper end of the pool so ,evrty time she slides down, my dad gotta catch her. Plus her weight.....drop dead....

The kids seriouly took a very long time in the pool playing, i guess is the weather that stopped them. It only drizzle a little. So they went in and took a shower and changed. Not long after, they went in the pool AGAIN!!! This time, my dad didn't went in the, so Maxine gotta go down the slide herself. With a float la ,of course! It was like she was riding a roller coaster. ZOOOoommm and SPLASH!!!

I wanted to go home before 6 cause, i wanted to watch the Disney channel GAMES!!! But my dad say cannot, but the house also got astro,so watched there lor...but i got missed a few parts cause i went out to have our dinner.

I think dinner was the BEST part for me!!! BBQ!!! OMG, so long never had a BBQ party la... There was spaggetti, nachos, BBQ chicken, baked corn, baked potato (darn, i want to eat!!!), And BBQ roast LAMB!!! Love the Lamb so much, eatting it with the pepermint was delicious!!! I seriously wanted to eat the potato, but when the potato was finally done, i was stuffed....WAAAA....regret la, didn't eat that potato laaaaa!!!

So that was about it, went home about 10 and reached home at 11p.m.
P.S. Joyce
saved a kitten on that day too!!! Help her decide a name for the kitty.

Till then, Michelle's out...

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Hi Michelle. Actually my family and I saw Sunshine Villa (a bungalow near Golden Sands, right?). That bungalow is so beautiful but we also noticed a sign that said private property, but I was wondering if a family can rent it for a weekend? Is that possible? Thank you! Please message me: