Friday, July 10, 2009

Late post:

27th of June 09':-

Today we went to my dad's friend wedding.

I'm not too sure who they are or where were we. I think it was some where around the mines. It was held at some beach resort. It was a buffet wedding dinner sort of theme. But we still have to wait until the time we can eat.

So here are some pics....

The so called "captain" talking/flirting with some ladies. lol ....he makes sure that our table has enough of this......

BEER!!!!!! Captain says to the butler:" Make sure this table beer jug is always full kay?" lol
Keep on drinking when we were still waiting for the bride and groom to take their own sweet time for so freaking long. Drink beer, drink water, drink coca-cola, drink 7-up and GO TO THE TOILET!

A little girl that was sitting at our table too.

The moon.....
Stupid tree that was blocking the light.... so dark that i can't even read my book.
lol....banana on a cup......
So after the bride and groom came and say blah blah blah , time to eat food. yucks, the food there sucks.
Later on, me, max and dad went on a boat ride on the lake. SHoot! I drink too much before i went on the boat.

That dot over there is an illusion of the
Maxine so happy on the boat ride, or is it a fake smile?
Ahhh?!??!? what happend???
Colour trees!!! no la, it's just light down there.
After the long boat ride, i was die-ing to go pee!!! Ran out the boat and ran to the toilet.
Darn it, didn't drink wine!!! Butler!!!! where was my wine???? yeeeessshh!!!
After the boat ride, we went home.
Tired, too much beer......

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