Sunday, April 11, 2010


so fed up with blog skins. Why no nicer one? I WANNA CHANGE, but all not nice. *i can be picky sometimes* eeysh, wasted so much PRECIOUS TIME looking for nice skins.

Should have done something more useful, like STRAIGHTENING MY F-ING HAIR! Roots are GROWING back. SOOO FRIZZYYY! It's so unfair. I hate my hair. so troublesome weih. I WANT A GHD! **wishes one would drop at her doorstep, please, oh please.**


**must be because of shouting too much at my sister. Sorry lar, she pisses me off ALL THE TIME! or darn those annoying hormones making me angry at her.

Suddenly felt like playing Disney piano pieces. It's easy to play. x) **no wonder la** HARHAR, what? it nice, isn't it?

Went swimming today. Don't really know what's the point.

Swim.Swim.Swim. Eat.Eat.Eat. Got lose weight arh? got more zits only. -.-

Imagine sung by David Archuleta is nicee! ♥ ♥

Conclusion, this post turn up to be so random. this is my life.

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