Saturday, April 17, 2010

Updated Editor version? Lets see how well it works. * wah, so slow i only notice this new feature*

Okay, so recently i watched some Naruto Shippuden episodes that i didn't watch a couple of weeks ago, cause they were mostly fillers. So after episode 152 or so, story line starts to get back on track.

On episode 153, Naruto finds out that Jiraya, his sensei, died in a battle with Pain. A very sad episode.

We're gonna miss you, PERVY SAGE! lol
Ehh, not bad wei, UPDATED EDITOR version in blogger. Much more easier to put up pictures. Not like last time, all the picture stuck on the top and have to keep on dragging, makes the post so messy and troublesome.

So if you haven't enable this feature yet, GO ENABLE IT NOW! It makes blogging so much easier, with the picture mainly. * Click the link below to learn how to change to Updated Editor.  

The overview of the new post editor. :)

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