Monday, August 22, 2011

Isaac turns 14

HI. I always have trouble writing an intro. Ermm...yeah... sorry

Blogging at 4 in the morning now. Yeah, i can't sleep. Insomnia? fml

Anyways, lets just get on with it. I went to JayaOne again for the bazaar. Second time going! Weeeee~

Bought quite some stuff and my best buys were definitely the skirts! I love it! And I don't care what you say, even thought it may make me look like Tarzan but HEYYYY!!! LEOPARD PRINTS FTW

21st August 2011:

We celebrated Isaac's birthday today. His actual birthday is on the 23rd of August. Its just one month after Enen's birthday. That's how I remember :P Okay, too lazy to type already. Shall picture blog now :B

 Birthday boyyyy

 bad hair day. =____=



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