Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh hi. I'm so the bored right now that I'm blogging with my phone again right now :D

Going to Taiwan on Friday 18th November. I pray that it would be fun. Hm.. Doubt so...

Confirm coming back horizontally expanded -.-

You know how hard is it to lose weight?! I don't wanna starve myself! Food is too awesome already. But I'm too LAZY to exercise.

I think I'm down with the flu and my tummy isn't feeling very comfortable either. OUT OF ALL TIMES.

My grandma is following to Taiwan too...

Why did my dad had to pick 18th?! Last day of school and I wanna go! But yeah, I can't -.- Do we get a 100 bucks that day? But last day of school is always fun right? No? Idk? It feels like standard 6 again. I didn't go on the last day of school and missed all the fun cause dad HAD to pick the last day of school and bring us to Australia. Well that trip was at least well worth? I think. Well some parts not really when my mum went rage mode and scold me as always -.- mood killer la.

Taiwan trip, please be nice. Mummy, grandma, please be nice. MAY EVERYTHING BE SMOOTH. Please dont get piss off so easily, please don't get angry, please don't explode, please don't scold. MOM, please control your urge to scold me. Please.

Oh and Taiwan, please be kind on the weather. I miss Phuket so much! I miss the blue blue sea and the warm beautiful sun. The warm sands on the beach was just bliss! And the beautiful fishes and clear blue oceans.

7 days in Taiwan. Will blog about it then. Please be a good trip. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

I will be like this after the 25th of November. Do welcome me back to Malaysia :D


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