Thursday, December 8, 2011

Movie, nails and presents

Hello! I shall blog since I have nothing else better to do now, well actually I have. 

Accounts homework, Y U RUIN MY HOLIDAY?

It's just that I find it TOO MUCH for our accounts teacher to give us so much homework. An entire book to complete and pass up on the first day of school next year. If one fails to do so, you are not qualified to take accounts in SPM. I know, I know, accounts students are suppose to be hard working, but an entire book that has 282 pages to complete in one and a half month?! Isn't that a little too crazy? 

I'm not even half through the book yet. Just finish Chapter 5(a). It took 33 pages. I need more Lejar paper. WASTE PAPER MUCH OKAY! Plus like most of the exercises are all almost the same. I doubt that next year, teacher wouldn't even be bothered to check.

Meh. But I still do. But it is taking forever and I have like 3 more weeks left. I'm seriously thinking I won't be able to finish it. 


Today I went to Joyce house again! AND she did my nails! ^__^V

 End results! 

After that we went to Belanga @ SS2 Mall and had our lunch. We had Asam Laksa! iPhone auto-corrects asam laksa into Adam Lakes. New name for laksa?! It was yummy! The spicier it is, the more I wanna eat? IT WAS GOOD! and I was hungry. 

After that we wandered around SS2 Mall. If only her house was near TCM instead, SS2 Mall is still as  empty as ever actually. #sadcasebro

We bought Chatime and we headed back to her house.

Grassjelly Roasted Milk Tea!

 I am Number Four
He has glowing hands. Number 6 much cooler yo. ;p

We should have watched Resident Evil instead! I don't really get the point of I am Number Four. 

After watching maybe half an hour into Resident Evil, my mum came and picked me up. 

Me got pressie from joyjoy! <3

I can't wait to sink my teeth  into these! 


Ending my post with my little baby cousin Enen!

I found this on my camera, so might as well put it into my blog right? heh

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