Monday, July 2, 2012

Before the Flight

A month just flew pass and its time for Aunty Juanita to go back to Sweden. A month seems long, but it actually isn't. I hope they had an enjoyable trip and a safe flight home too! Hope to see you soon! Perhaps this time we'll go to Sweden?? But I'm a person who can't stand the cold. I don't even use the air conditioner to sleep, even in this humid hot country, Malaysia. Guess I'm pretty used to this, plus I'm helping to save my dad's electricity bill too.

My hair was pretty crappy that day and I was told that we were going to have another family photo shoot again today. Oh well, guess this will have to do.

We had our late lunch at around 3pm. By the time everyone gathered at my house, it was already pretty late. We went all the way to Kepong just to have lunch. We had two fishes, one my dad got from his friend from Sabah and another one Aunty Michelle brought. The place was quite special, because the restaurant is located inside the gated housing area. A very odd place to have a restaurant when every where around you are bungalows and semi-d's. How can this even be considered gated? 

Once again, I was placed at the kids table. Oh fine, the less GRAND food table. The other table had fish, crab and etc. Shall not complain, I'm already so fat. 

After our late lunch, Aunty Michelle phoned the picture studio if we could come in at around 5pm. But they already had another session with someone else, so we had to take the later session. We had a few hours to waste and Maxine wanted to go all the way to Cheras. She seriously is one of the most stubborn kids, aren't we all? Maxine gets whatever she asks for. Yes, Maxine gets everything. 

Damian, Xander and Xanson came along too. The grown ups when back home to chill and get ready, I suppose? I was merely being a babysitter, making sure the kids don't go losing themselves in the shopping complex. I hope they had much more fun than I did. 

After having so much fun, my parents brought them ice cream too! 

 Dang it! Focus wrong. I couldn't retake cause the guy said NO PICTURES ALLOWED.
Who made up that stupid rule. What is wrong with taking pictures McDonald. 
I seriously hate it when people say, no pictures allowed. I don't see the sense in this.

After finishing their ice cream, we went all the way to Empire Shopping Gallery where the photo studio is located. The studio is called "The Picture Company". A very cute setting and a very fun experience. I hope the picture turns out well! Can't wait to see them!

Dad and Mum had to attend another party, so they had to leave early. Me and Maxine followed our uncles and aunt to have dinner. We walked to Subang Parade which is located just next door. Uncle Maggil has a friend that owns a restaurant there call "Chill Out". Its a bistro and bar type of restaurant. The lightings were pretty dark, pubs and bistros are like this? The food was pretty good, I can't believe my stomach can fit so much food. Goodness gracious. I had like 5 slices of pizza, an entire plate of fettuccine, lamb kebabs, chapati and nan. How can my stomach fit so much food! Not to mention desert! Ice Cream. Goodness, I'm as fat as a pig. FATTER. Why God Why, did I eat so much?

Viva La España!

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