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I should blog this overdue post now or never. I was pretty busy the pass couple of weeks after I got home from Hong Kong. December has definitely been busy, sort off. Not that busy to that extent till I don't have time to lounge around and blog this post for you.

9th December 2012 ;

The day has finally arrived! It has been such a long time since I last been on an oversea's trip. Okay, not that long, just one year ago. This is my second time going to Hong Kong! The first time was not such a great experience because we were unlucky from the start, we missed our plane to Hong Kong in 2010. Dad misread the flight time and by the time we reach the airport, the doors were closed. Mum was furious. But in the end, dad still bought air tickets, such a waste. :( Another thing that happen in the Hong Kong 2010 trip was, on the last day of our Hong Kong Trip, it was Disneyland Day, I had caught this really horrible rash. I was swollen from head to toe! It was not fun at all. But eventually, we got back home safely.

Now, back to 2012. This year, our Hong Kong trip didn't go that well either. I would say, our unluckiness level has gone up very high towards Hong Kong.

Let's start off with DAY 1 ;

We woke up really early, we didn't want to miss our flight like we did in 2010. We got ready and was on time. My uncle came and wait at our house to fetch us there. After we drove out of our housing area, my dad decided that it would be such a trouble for my uncle to pick us up when we came back, because my uncle has work. So my dad decided we would just park our car at the LCCT Airport. If I were my uncle, I would be pretty furious and frustrated. He drove all the way from Puchong.

After we drove back and dropped our my uncle, we continued our journey. The car was low on fuel and we went to the Shell Petrol station along the SPRINT HIGHWAY NKVE. It was infested with Mat Rempits! Mat Rempits are motorcyclist who are up to no good. Let's just describe them as idiots. There was probably around 50-100 of idiots there. As we turned into the Shell Station, they were staring at us. They were just waiting there on their bikes, making noise. It's not cool. It's just noise. Dumb. Never take the risk, just drive off to the next petrol station.

But there isn't another petrol station. The next petrol station was so far, almost reaching the airport. It wasn't even our usual Shell Station either. But we had no choice, anything will have to do for the time being. We pulled into the Petrol Station, dad got off the car.... and he forgotten to bring his wallet.

THE MOST IMPORTING THING. MONEY. We were all in panic. I was praying really hard we would make it in time for our flight. It was so scary. It was like history wants to repeat itself. Dad drove back and he wasn't speeding at all. We even used a road we weren't too familiarized with because that was the only route back. We rushed back home and start our journey all over again. This time, we managed to fill the car with some petrol at the Shell Station.


The only time I been to KLIA was in 2007. The year where I just finish UPSR and dad brought us to beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Other than that, LCCT. The only time I sat in the Malaysian Airlines was to go to Australia. I really miss sitting bigger planes. Air Asia planes are so tiny! But what to do, they're cheaper.

We managed to arrive at the airport on time! I was in a panic mode cause dad dropped us off first and then only he went and parked the car. He took quite some time and he didn't pick up his phone. After a few more minutes of anxiety, dad finally popped out of the car park. We rushed to the counter and check-in our bags. To our surprise, we still had time to spare! We had our breakfast at one of the restaurants. Horrible food, but I still gobbled down the entire plate of noodles. All that worrying made me hungry! We shouldn't have even ordered any food cause dad also bought food on the plate. I ate the food plate too. Finish it to the bottom. I'm such a definition of a PIG.

After the gates of our boarding hall was open, we went inside. It was tiny. Worst part was there isn't a toilet!!! Have to wait for 30 minutes until we are able to board the plane. Bladder can explode. Low Cost until like this :(

Finally, the gates were open. My dad bought the HOT SEATS, which means there's another lane for us to go first, which is good. But when we arrived and got up into the plane, our seats were the NORMAL seats. We were like WHAT?! Air Asia System mixed up our seat! I was so pissed off! We paid for it and your system screw things up. The plane was a full house that day. The worst part was that our row of seats cannot be wind down. Not even a little. So torturing. 3 hours and 45 minutes flight. Painful.

After the long bum aching plane ride, we finally arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport! I was really hoping to see some famous celebrity there but haha fat chance. We got our luggage and found our shuttle bus to our hotel.

My dad booked our room at the Novotel Hotel. We were staying at the Tung Chung area. There is a MTR Station just next to the Hotel. The Novotel Hotel Hong Kong is connected to the Citygate Outlet. Which is soooo convenient! Really recommend to stay in this hotel and because the Citygate Outlet is just below and connected to the Novotel Hotel, which makes it a shopping paradise. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts there were extremely cheap! The designs are off season, thus you can get it at such a cheap rate. Really worth the money, plus you save up quite a sum of money if it is to compare with you buying from the retail shops.

Anyhow, back to topic! Dad booked our rooms but somehow the system didn't detect and our rooms weren't booked! Something must have went wrong with the system in KL which caused us our long wait for our rooms. Finally, we managed to get our rooms but we still have to wait for a few hours. We then went walking around the Citygate Outlet, had our lunch at the food court and then went back to the lobby and use their wifi. One thing bad is that there isn't free wifi inside the rooms, unless you pay for it. But at least they provide free lobby wifi. Better than nothing! :)

I'm not too sure which day we did what because this post is seriously too overdue. (I will try my best to put the days accordingly as accurate as possible) So I shall let the pictures do the talking.

  Maxine & Mum

 Me & Dad


We had our first dinner at some random stall in the city. Dad wanted to find a restaurant, but we didn't manage to find it that day. We only managed to find the restaurant on the last day. Continue reading :)


 Day One's main purpose was to buy Maxine her FURBY! Need to satisfy her needs before everything else or not she will NOT cooperate with you throughout the trip.

Now she barely even play with them.. and they don't come cheap. The following day, Maxine went back to the city and got herself another FURBY in WHITE. So now she have TWO Furbies!

DAY 2 ;

We had our brunch at Citygate Outlet, just down from our hotel. This restaurant is located opposite the CK Jeans outlet. The food was pretty good! Price wise, well it's definitely much more expensive than your usual Malaysian dinner.

 Cold Tofu with Century Egg! 
Very unique taste! Delicious!

 Xiao Long Bao

 Variety of Mushroom 

 Crispy Duck! 

After having our delicious brunch, we went up the escalator to the Ralph Lauren Polo Factory Outlet. Dad bought a few shirts for himself. He was very happy this time round because they have stock on his size! So daddy bought quite a number of Ralph Lauren shirts for himself and I think they look very nice on him. You can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren anyway. Dad also bought a few shirts for his colleagues. I only managed to pick out one polo shirt, which I now am quite regretting that why didn't I buy more when I had the chance too. One is better than nothing! :D 

There was a Haagen Dazs store there at the Citygate Outlet. Daddy bought me and Maxine ice cream! HEAVEN! SO DELICIOUS. Obviously it's expensive since it's Haagen Dazs, but this is seriously once in a blue moon!! 

 Happily posing with my Haagen Dazs Ice Cream ;P

Maxine and Dad went back up to the hotel and took a short rest while me and mum went walking around the Citygate Outlet. I went to the GUESS Store, I don't think there is much difference in the price compare to Malaysia, I'm not too sure because I seldom get to go out and shop in Malaysia shopping malls, so I cannot compare much. I really liked the jeans there, but there are CRAZY expensive. Some jeans can even go up to RM700-RM1000! If I'm not mistaken.. But I did manage to get this cute sweater! I really like it and I was so happy when my mum agreed to let me buy it! Thanks mummy!!

We didn't manage to shop much, the GUESS sweater was probably the only thing we bought besides Ralph Lauren. After that, we went back up to our hotel rooms and took a short rest before we head out to the city again. 

 As you can see here, Maxine is holding two boxes of FURBY. 


We had our dinner at one of the restaurants in the shopping complex. Canton Road is like the high end street! You name it, they'll most probably have it. From Chanel to LV to Dior. If only we had an endless amount of money, how great would life be?

We went hunting for the restaurant that my dad had been to every time he goes to Hong Kong for his business trips.

The restaurant is called Super Star Seafood Restaurant at Habour City! Food is really good there! Service was pretty fast too! :)

Saw this turtle bread at the mall! It taste really horrible though.

Came back to the hotel with a surprise! So nice of Novotel Hotel to give us these macaroons! Super good too!!

DAY 3 ;


This time I didn't get rashes like I did last time I went there.

We entered the train for about 5 seconds thinking that it would be an empty train, but nooooo, it was flooded after that 5 seconds we got onto the train. 

In front of Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland food is actually really good! Best theme park food I have ever eaten. 

Some of the pictures we took at Disneyland

DAY 4 ;

We had McDonald's most of the days there. SO YUMMY! I'M LOVIN' IT!


Outside of our hotel/ Citygate Outlet is the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Station. 

We saw it on the first they we arrived at our Hotel. Today seemed like the perfect day to go on an adventure. Our holiday trips are usually unplanned. This trip especially. 

We bought the tickets through a guy who was doing a promotion for tourist, so it was our lucky day! We took the Crystal Cabin, which the bottom of the cabin is glass/see through! A really great experience! Definitely worth the extra money, since we came all the way here, might as well go with the best.

It was a wonderful ride there, the scenery was magnificent! The blue sea and green scenery, bliss. Definitely a memorable experience.

The day was sunny, warm and windy. My type of weather.

 Ngong Ping 360

Having Gelato on a Sunny Day!

With our zodiac protectors (?)

We had our lunch at the Vegetarian Restaurant! I love eating vegetarian! Just that my dad and sister cannot bare the fact of not being able to eat meat.

The food was very delicious and no guilt eating like a pig!

Maxine and I climbed up the many flights of stairs to visit the Big Buddha. 
Magnificent again

A wonderful day!

Some of the pictures we took at Ngong Ping 360 

They really know how to attract tourist. We went overboard buying pictures souvenirs. No more walls in our house to hang up these pictures :( 

DAY 5 ;

The last day. We checked out and left our bags in the hotel lobby because our flight wasn't until 8PM.

We went to the city again to hunt for the restaurant that my dad has been dying to go to again! We finally found it and it was so worth it. The food was delicious. If only I had a bottomless stomach.

This restaurant is located along the Canton Road

Shark Fin's Soup

Delicious Pork!
Maxine ate 90% of it 

Three Variety of Chicken

Vegetable and Mushrooms

Roasted Goose

A wonderful brunch that was worth waiting for! The rice in Hong Kong is so delicious! It taste so much better than the normal and ordinary rice we have here in Malaysia.

I bought Khalil Fong's latest album in Hong Kong too! 

We didn't have anywhere else to go to, so we went back to our hotel and waited till it was time to go to the airport.

Once we reached the airport, we had our dinner at one of the ramen shops at the airport. All the food in Hong Kong taste so heavenly.

Bought fruit tarts at Maxim's! 

Oh, and our flight got delayed. We lazed around the airport as most of the things there were high end branded. Fantastic for shoppers with unlimited budget. How I wish I had that amount of money :(

Finally, this blogpost has come to an end. Two months overdue. My apologies. PUBLISH.


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