Thursday, May 29, 2008

A day in 1 Utama

Today, me ,Stephanie, Zoey, Angela and Mei yan go to 1U. It was a very tired day. In the morning,we had breakfast at A&W.Later on we went to GSC to book tickets for "THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN ".We got a good seat, it was just right. That time,my foot was really pain ,its because my shoes were too small and so i bought a pair of flip-flops at wild channel. It was time for the movie.So........POPCORN!!(unforturnatly we didn't buy popcorn, we were still full from the breakfast...)

The movie Rocked! I love the Movie.It's really nice.:)

Later on we went bowling. We had a little problem there. The bowling ball was stuck and could not come out.So that part,waste quite alot of time. I am NOT good in bowling! This is the first time i bowl, but the score was ok la. My bowling is like 'just throw the ball la'

The bowling court.....

After that we went to see some reptiles! The entry fee was just RM5. Here are a few pics i took...

Still got alot of reptiles but i didn't take .

That time,Mei Yan lil sis came and join us.After that, we went snd eat sushi king. I can't belive they change their servis tax RM5.20! So expensive la!!!

The last thing we did in 1U was taking photos!Eventhought it was the most money wasting thing on earth.But what the heck,we did it...XP We ended up with tiny little micro pictures of us as our memory on the day.

So tiny la....Here is a maxed pic

Left to right. Top: Mei Yan's lil sis Yik Lyn.Zoey.Me
Left to right. Down: Stephanie. Angela .Mei Yan

Steph's mom pick me and Angela back.We went home about 8.We were surpose to go home at 7:30p.m. So Angela mom was waiting at my door by 7:30p.m...So i guess her mom is going to be mad at somebody.....XXX
So the day is gone and my wallet hurts.I spend over Rm100 and above! OMG!!
Till then........

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