Friday, June 27, 2008

Girl Guides

Today, i sat for Pandu Puteri Theory Exam. And OMG ,so hard la!!! Seriously ,i did alot of careless mistakes and alot of stuff i can't remember.Hopefully i can pass ,or not must retake the test again and again and again......well next week is my Pratical Exam, so,we're gonna march till our legs get sore;sing songs like crazy ;tie nots and ect,ect,ect........@_@ Okay so now i got a new time table.I hate it when they change it. Its like the 4th time they change!!!! So ma fan la!! Oh and i got 35 in my kedudukan in class. 35/48. Bad huh? But a least i'm not the last in the class!:) hehe....okay then ,till then ~Chao!

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