Saturday, June 28, 2008


Happy Birthday to my lil cousin Maximus Chiew Xan Der. I went there about 2:30p.m. The house was really crowed.We had Mcdonalds for lunch,you know thoses lil happy meals for kids. And well, alot of Kung Fu Panda toys......Ok, after the lil snack,GAMES time for the kidz!!!

First stop is passing the balloon,later was musical chairs,next was statue dance.....Orginal party games 4 kids.:D

Later on Mcdoanls burglar made an apperance. Sadly it wasn't Ronald Mcdonal.Haha...

YAY!!!All the kids were so happy!LOL!

After that,CAKE!!!! But....well its not really a cake its CUPCAKES!!! YAY!!!! It was Delicious,Here are some pics..


Later Xander and his Gang went to the pool.They play like crazy, Seriously ,they like I DON'T WANT TO GET OUT!!!*CRY LIKE CRAZY* They play like about half an hour or more.

Hopefully they don't go back with a cold.

Xander's lil brother Xanson didn't get to go in the pool,because he had a flu. But he had a great time too playing in his remote controable car.

Hi Xanson and Xander!!! I had so much fun driving him around!Hehe...

It was about 7:00p.m. so its time to go home.We said bye and went home.Today it is also my grandma brithday.She's turning 72.So we bought a small cake to celebrate it.

Well that's it for now.Till then,Michelle's out!:)

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