Friday, August 8, 2008


theOkay so like Tuesday, i did an art in school and it sucked. Seriously, well it is so :P:P.~Weird~

Ta-da. It is a Topen.(mask) ~WEIRD!~ @_@EEKKKK!!!

Well ,of course i will have some of my fav art, so there you go.(Arts i did in art class.:P)

A Bird....Art by Micshelly

~~The Eagel~~ (one of my top top favs)......Art by Micshelly

A man??>........Art by Micshelly

A vase of flowers...I think i heard my art teacher said something about this art but i can't remember.:P But i *love* this art!!!.......Art by Micshelly

The Lady Bug!!!WAAA!!!Pretty....Art by Micshelly

These art are really drawn by me,in real life its even better. So there you go........Till then

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