Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Angela.

Today 16th of August, it is my friends birthday. Happy Birthday Angela!!! Okay so there are actually 11 people invited, but 2 cannot make it, which was Pei Ming and Ange's boyfriend.(so sad). Okay, so me, Joyce,Stephanie, Yuin Ting, Pei Yan and Mei Yan came early to do the decorations. Wei Ling and Emily came at 11.The only person that came the latest is Celine. The party surpose to start at 12 but she came at 2:30p.m!!! >:( So continue to read this story and see what we did.

P.S.: This is a surprise party!
Okay so firstly me, Stephanie, Pei Yan and Mei yan came the earliest to fill in the water balloon. Woah! My hand was so pain after doing that, I got wrinkles and scars on my hand for tying and filling the balloons!But of course ,hard works pays off.

Sorry i don't know how to turn the pic.So gotta turn your head to see. Alot right? But when your having fun, you'll never know how fast it finished.

Okay so about 11.30a.m. we called her mom to take Ange back.Because in the morning we told her mom to take her out at 8.00a.m. So sorry Ange that we made you wake up so early on my B'day.XD Okay so at 12:00p.m. she came home and SURPRISE!!!

Next present reciving time.

This was me and Pei Yan's present for Ange. I know it looks cheap and all, but it is NOT CHEAP AT ALL!!! It is infact very expensive!!!

After we all settle down, FOOD! We ate Dominos pizza, mee, and KFC. We really messed up the dining table. Its was ME-SSY!

Ta-da. Sorry that we messed up your dining table.:P SO FULL!!!

Next it was games time!!! Still Celine still haven't come. First game, it was pass the "Bag Of Clothes". I kena a skirt and a 3 year old bikini top. So here are some pics!

Hi Joyce! More pic on her later.

Peek-a-boo! Guess who is under the bag???

I see you! It's Stephanie!

Its the Birthday Girl Angela!!!

Next, we played pass the action. And still Celine haven't come. It was fun and funny. You have to act out the thing that you are surpose to act to another person and the last person have to guess what is it. After that we played Tell me the truth. But this is more funer that "True or Dare" . This game is that like when its your turn you have to tell one of the things that is like your secret or things that you like or hate. Questions like , I like to eat bread or I still sleep with my parents. So like if another person do not like to eat bread , so they must pour a cup of water on to themselves. If you also like bread, then you do not need to pour the water on yourself. After that WORLD WAR BEGINS! Water Balloon fight!!! ATTACK!!! WEEEE!!!! It was so much fun!!!

Next we took a rest and refill more ballons for World War 2. So Joyce was Sun bathing to dry of her butt and here are some shots i took.

Posing like Yamapi. So Cute...XD

Stephanie and Joyce!

Yuin Ting massanging for Joyce.

This Pic is so cool!!

Not long after(Till everybody was kinda dried). CELINE came. So world war 2 was attacking the late comer, Celine.

Our weapon!!! Bombs away!!!

Celine. Be prepared every body......for the next funniest thing in the world....

BOMBS AWAY!!!......

PAILS AWAY........


So as EVERYBODY know, that Celine is an airport,flat. (no affence) So haha... everybody now get it?

Flat....But that was before.....

In a miracle.....

Doctor Joyce was in the house!


Papparazzi snaping loads of pics!*SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP*

After that we went and change. Me and Joyce tried to help to improve Celine.(by putting on make up) But operation failed. There is NO HOPE HERE!

Lastly , CAKE!


After she blow the candles, don't cry.........

The cake was destroyed by Pei Yan....Cut untill like this :( But the cake was seriously delicious!!! Yummy!!!
Well that is the end of today. Till then, Michelle's out.

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