Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cousin's Birthday

Today, 23th of August, it is my lil cousin brother(on my mom's side) 11th birthday! aka. Isaac Toh. It was an evening birthday party. He only invited close family members. Okay so we ate, the usual, Pizza(Domino's) and KFC. (Now day, ppl find it lazy to cook, so the solution is.....BUY BACK!)I seriously will GAIN WEIGHT this holiday. We watched Kung Fu Panda and ate our dinner.

Aftre that, we went up to Rebecca's room(My cuz sis,aka, Isaac sis). We played something like world war,like in Angela's Birthday. But this time we didn't have water balloons. So what besides balloon can start a world war??? PILLOWS!!!! Well plushies are more fun! HELLO KITTIES!!! WEEEE!!! Haahax:P Here are some pix...

Isaac:*Bullets check!* Ready ,steady......3,2,1.....and GO!!!

Isaac: GO KOALA !!! GO!GO!GO!


Swing, Swing......


WOAH!!! What a Boom-tastic mess!!!

The Winner of the Hello Kitty Contest! ( Just posing lar....)

Another breaking news is, my aunt finally have a BOYFRIEND!!! YAY for her! So long, only now got a Boyfriend. Hope they will be happy together and go get married!!! Seriously , before i retire from my Flower Girl Job!!Hahaxx.....JKJK (besides, i'm taller that my aunt edi):(
My aunt and (hopefully) my soon to be uncle! But still, i do not know his name!!! XD ( he is not blushing,or is he?? i think it is some light problem with my camera.)

I got him a packet of UNO cards for his Birthday. I can't belive UNO cards are so expensive!!!

Lastly , of course, CAKE!!!

Cheese Cake!!! umm.... Seriously i will GAIN WEIGHT this holiday!


BURRPP..........ahh....tummy is now full...haha

Lastly, we played UNO at last......and i was the winner!

Rebecca:Oooo..... Isaac: Keep quite lar Maxine!!! Maxine: Its my turn isn't it??? Me: um....which one should i put??

Oh my, holiday is almost over!!! WAAAA!!!Hope everybody had a happy holiday!P.S: I got my braces taken out!! WooHoo!!!:D Till then, ~Chao!

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