Friday, September 5, 2008

Pandu Puteri Post!

OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! Well here the story goes.....Today was the day when we, get "dilantik"or whatever the word is!hehe... That means we get our badges and be offically a Pandu Puteri Remaja! WoooHoo!!! The weather was freaking sunny, we were all standing under the sun like Roasted Chicken wearing Pyjamas! And once again, mozzy bit me!!! Waaahaaa.....:(

After the badge receiving ceromony, which it like took FOREVER!!! It was time for the seniors(Form 2) C.O.H'es and Patrol Leader to retier. Time to give their post to us........Drumroll.....haha.........

We actually i didn't get a post first.SAD.... But since "Sunflower" had nobody to be Patrol Leader, so what the hack?! I be lor.... So sorry to "Orchid", that i'm leaving you and being a "Sunflower". I hope i don't kill "Sunflower" next year. Will try my best to be Patrol Leader.....

The reason that i want to be "Sunflower" Patrol leader is because that all of my friends got a post and i don't. So luckily there was a empty post waiting for someone.....ME!!! LOL!!! Eventhought i wanted to be "Orchids" Patrol Leader. I am so happy for everybody that got a post!!

Here's the list:

Me : Patrol Leader of "Sunflower"
Joyce : Secretary
Natasha : Patrol Leader of "Hibiscus"
Stephanie : Representative
Liuh Ern : Quater Mistress

Congratz to everybody who passed and got a post!!! Till then, Michelle's out.

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