Thursday, September 25, 2008


What do you do last few minutes??
On friendster....

What will you do if you gonna die??
Pray to God and ask God to bring me to heaven

What will you say if someone says " i love u" to you?
*Eyes Wides Up and blink* ...See la...who first.....never been in a relationship

What will you say/do if you are 30 you haven have your first kiss??
OMG!!! I'm HOPELESS!!! *cry*

What will u do if your mom nags at you TOO often??
Calm down and say eng ,ah ,oh.... If TOO much stress then cry lor...

What will you say if someone says something 3 times continuously?
Okay, yes, uh-huh.....

Your boyfriend says "Honey, I wanna break up." What will you do?
huh?? why??? ...Well, i'm not so sure la, cuz also never been in a relationship....

Next 5 tag to:
>>To Do
>>TAGS!!! @_@

Till then, TTFN!~

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