Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Birthday~TWILIGHT~Guitar Hero

Today was another typical birthday for me. Same ol' same ol' thing for the last 13 years. Unlucky number 13??? you find time flies fast??? well i don't find it that fast......hmmm.......

;;;;;Lets begin on last night. My beloved cousin sister and his brother, came to my house. Because yesterday, me and my cousin sister(Rebecca) had piano lessons. In case your wondering, i play for fun and my theory is in grade 3.

29th of November;

After finishing our piano lessons, we went up to my room. Lil cousin brother(Isaac) was playing Ben 10 on my PS2. I just got a few new games that i think that he would like to play on the earlier Wednesday. I'm a kind person. You should know. haha...

That day, my cousins were suppose to camp out in my aunts house. But we begged her to let them sleep over at my house. It was more convenient for them, since tomorrow was my 13th Birthday.

~~And ,oh ya, i got a lil surprise for Joyce on Friday, but kinda let her guess straight on that Friday night. She shouldn't have called, now my plot for surprising her was RUIN!!! It was real obvious ,cause the thing that i got for her a something that we wanted. Vampire Knight Posters!!!~~

At night, we were kinda let having a slumber party??? urmm....??? Yea......we succeed to convince my aunt to let my cousin to sleep/camp over at my house. We played Guitar Hero II Rock The World. Its so addictive and super fun!!! Its really nice cause , when you are playing the game, it really feels like your playing a real guitar, the sound .....everything is perfect. I been playing/traning for the last 2 days. LOL

P.S./ I think we didn't have such a good sleep last night. Either is we played till we go lala or some other reason.

30th of November;

We woke up at 8 in the morning. Get ready, eat our breakfast, and ya-di-da-di-da. Joyce came at about 9:45? Not sure; when she first came she said: Tanjobi Omedeto! Its Happy Birthday in Japanesse. Yes, Joyce knows Japanesse, she is still learning. After that, she went running up the stairs yelling: "ZERO!!! I'M COMING". =_='' I gave her one VK poster, then she saw the other one's the she said; I like that one too!!! Can i buy it??? ........3 bucks please.......then she saw another one that was supposingly to be MINE, but then ended up selling it to her again......=_=''

So we were off to Cineleisure, Cathay. We went to buy our tickets. Stephanie was already at Cineleisure. Me, Rebecca, Joyce and Stephanie are watching TWILIGHT!!! AHHH!!!! FINALLY!!! But i was seriously pissed, not at Twilight, but at the erm.... movie playing....cause there were SOME cuts. Either its CUTS or the film have some problems. But i LOved the MOvie!!! L.O.V.E IT!!! Twilight Fan over here!!! Edward is perfect. He might be a little bit weird looking since he is a Vampire, of course he will look pale, duh! But overall love the movie.

~~Before the movie, we went from Cineleisure to Ikano's Cold Storage just to buy the MOW ice-cream. Joyce treat me! Yay! It was 11 and our show start at 11:45. We went to speedy to look at music CDs. Bought myself a Birthday Present.LOL~~

Jonas Brothers. A little bit longer. Its MALAYSIA EDITION. :( want the non-malaysian edition.

It was 11:30. So we were running back to Cineleisure. It was a little painful for me and Steph, cause we were wearing flip-flops and, Joyce and Rebecca were wearing shoes. So surely they were walking way faster than us.

Twilight ROCKS!!! I'm a Twilight Fanpire!!! LOL


After the movie we went straight back home and ate our lunch. After lunch, we played Guitar Hero! Bring it on! haha! I want the Guitar!!!

Rocking Out?!? Haha...

Next, of course, Cake.

My 13th Cake....

Lastly, Joyce painted my nails white. haha...thanks!? Thanks for the presents Joyce and Stephanie!

That's all it. Finally,haha.....

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