Monday, December 8, 2008


LOL! I am back home from Port Dickson. At Last! HOME SWEET HOME! I been to PD too many times. So its a BOre. Nothing fun to do there. z_z ........ But i'll just post this up anyway. XD P.S. My dog/fish/turtles/tortuise/and back alley cats(not mine) did NOT die.

First day;

Did nothing much, actually. It was late when we got there. About 2-3 in the afternoon. After we settle in the HORID socalled hotel, i don't even know the dumb name of it, and all i know is , it's under the goverment. A.K.A under goverment property, and we all know what the goverment do......And Oh yea, and Lil Maxine rode this horse or pony.

2nd day;

DID NOTHING...... AGAIN! Bought a FFX puzzle. Wish me luck TRYING to do it. LOL. XD 1000 pieces! *faints*

3rd and FINAL DAY!;

I'M HOME ! YAY ! Came back at about 2 in the afternoon, and here typing this! Its been raining like MAD today. From PD rain till i came back home! oh wow....hope there isn't a HUGE flood. ~~On the was back, we stopped in SS2 to have our lunch. I bought some DVD's on the way: Wild Child, Nancy Drew, Another Cinderella Story, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones.......P.S. I'm ALMOST done with Breaking Dawn!!! WEEEE!!! i know, 3 days in PD doing mostly nothing......hehe......~~

Till then...

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