Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Long Day...

Wow! Its 12:30a.m right now! Never blog this late. WOH! Lol! Nothing to be proud of. HAH! I am so in LOVE with "Supermassive Black Hole" by MUSE! It's in the Twilight Soundtrack!!! Its ROCKS!!! LOVE IT!!! Its would be perfect for Guitar Hero.LOL! LOVE THE SONG!!!*hearts* This song is played when the Cullen family were playing Baseball. Love that part! SO COOL!!! Vampires are SO HOT!!! *drool*

OKay today went to do my hair. Now its Super straight. XD. Makes my face look fat. =( Last time, my hair is SUPER DUPER Puffy and Fizzy and curly. Trust me, its unbeliveable. Went to the saloon in Klang at 10 in the morning, reach time was 11:15.( Don't ask me why in the world did i choose Klang, so far from PJ just to do my hair, my mom's choice) Me, Max, mom, Reb, Reb's Mom, and aunt went together. The place was crowed?!? Sat there for hours. 1,2,3,4...6,7....9 hours! I thought it would be shorter this time, hmm...guess i was wrong obviosly, more people, less time to get it done on per person.(does the last part makes sence?)

Cut my hair too. Not short, but shorter. LOL! and a fringe???!? not those one straight line, y'know. All the grown ups perm their hair curly. Me, Reb and Maxine straighten our hairs. Eventhou max hair is already straight.=.=

Hmm....oh and today morning before going to klang, My mom's Game Boy gone ~lala. It mysteriously had water on/in it. My mom gone crazy. She's like scolding Max and accusing people. Since Max play as much as my mom, so the blam was on her. All of the sudden, GB is alive! wow, a miracle. *guess the GB was scolded and scared to death till it work* LOL!!! Hah!

p/s: Dad framed my FFX puzzle! Normal plain black Normal frame. =.= But haven't hung it up yet. =( hmm....think will hang it above my computer side desk.....will retake pic when its hung up!

Till then, ~Ta-ta!

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