Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey there! I finally finish reading BREAKING DAWN! It's such a fantastic book. LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! All four books are teriffic. Love them so much. BEST BOOKS I EVER READ: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Harry potter and the half-blood prince and Deathly Hallows, and urm....can't remeber what eles i read.........


Oh and i too finish my FFX puzzle ,that i bought in PD. Yay! My 'impossible' mission is over! LOL! Can't wait for my dad to frame it up.


Went to KL. Sungai Wang, a great place to buy clothes, for me. Shopping for clothes today. Like playing dress-up. XD .LOL! hmmm.......lettsee.......i bought a dress, 3 shirts, a scarf, and a pair of sneakers.

SNEAKERS!!! LOL! Thought i'm not a big fan, this is the only pair of sneakers that are wear-able right now.

Later on, my dad went to Cheras to fix his almost DYING guitar. The stings are broken, some parts are LOST, some parts are losse, and its old. All thanks to Maxine the Destroyer.XP Wish my dad could just buy me a new guitar instead of using his old one. But what-the-heck, i might not play it anyways.=P

And mom bought little fishes. LOL! P/s: Can't wait for next Wed, going to the Saloon! Woopie!!! Its about time!

Thats all for now, ~muacks

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