Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Eve---- SUNWAY LAGOON

2008 has come to and end.

Today, i went to Sunway Lagoon. You must be asking, why all the sudden go Sunway Lagoon. Plus this time, alot of tourist and people. Its because, my uncle, just came back from Taiwan. And his wife and,daughters in Australia studing(now break). So they came back to Malaysia to have a holiday or some sort. So they stayed in "Sunway Resort". So i don't know how, he got 5 free tickets, Until 31 of December 2008. So yea, he gave us the ticket on the umm.....28? So we had to last minute go. Why wanna waste the tickets? It seriously ain't cheap. Sunway Lagoon is seriously CHARGING like MAD!!! Seriously. Now they have these watch looking wrist thingy. Before they had this, its' those plain paper wrist bands that you wear when you go in ,right??? So now they invinted this thing, i don't know if it is was a long thing or a short, cause its' like how many years never come.

They have more parks now. The additional parks are, EXtreame Park, Wild Life Park and Scream park(haunted house thing). If you wanna go to these extra parks, its gonna change you. Its about RM45(Aldults) per additional parks.

Here's the map. We didn't manage to cover all the rides in the Water park and Amusement Park.

Today was really fun. Didn't had this much fun with family before. Well, not the whole family lar.... Its just Me, Max, Reb, Isac, my dad, and Reb and Isac's dad, a.k.a my uncle. Its fun when you have someone the same size and the same feeling to go on these rides. Rebecca and me are the same age, which makes it even better. Maxine is still to small, lots of rides she can't ride. But she can be very daring.

After we changed our swim suits, we went for a dip in the pool. Just to cool of for the hot sun. First stop, to the water slides. It was about 11, not much people yet. But, still, the que was slow. Me and Reb went up together, two at a time. it was fun, thou it was really high, and when you slide down, you feel like flying. Still it was fun.

Then we countinue, ditching the others in the water park, or did they ditch us? LOL! So me and Reb went back all the way up back to the Amusement Park. We totally forgot about our slippers, so we ran barefoot. We were half way there when we forgot about our slippers. We too malas to go back. Running barefoot on the hot burning tiles under the sun are pretty painfull.

We went to the Buffalo Bill Coaster. It wasn't scary at all, well, ride it too many times. Max loves it. After that we went to the Niagara Falls Flume Ride. Now that is a little more scarier. Its the one you ride on a log and there is the snake one. Its under Wild Wild West. When its going up, its seriously slow, its like tick tick tick . One step one step go up and the reach the top, ZooooOOmm.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhHHhHhHAHHHHhHHhhHH!!!!!!!! Splash. OmG!!! So cool!!! Hahax......Reb ask:" wanna go again?" ......NO!!! When i was younger, me and reb came together last time, we rode that then we cried.( we were still a kid, kays?) ....We definatly didn't cry this time.

Next we went to Butch Cassidy Trail. Its the spinning Boot. Its cool. First it was fun. Secound time it just just plain dizzy. Third, i sleep in the boot. LOL!!! JKJK..... Well its just a boot spinning round and round and round and round.

After that, we went back to the water park, went down the escalator, barefooted, painfull much. Went to check on the others. Ate lunch, went for another dip to cool down. Then off we go again. This time, Isaac taged along. So we went back up the escalator ,barefooted, thou we went back and totally ignored our slippers. We went for the most EXtream ride, for US!!! (its not under Extreame park) .... After eating lunch, we are dumb enought to go ride on the Pirate Revenge. Its the boat, open air, turning 360 degress. First it was rocking, faster and faster and higher and higher .........AHHHHHHHHhHHhhHhHhaHHAHhAHHH........ SCREAMM OUT YOUR LUNGs!!!! I was screaming like a maniac, i can't believe, Reb and Isaac sat there un-screaming like maniacs. The guys next to us was screaming like girls. LOL! sry... But it was awesome, to come and think of it. Then there was another one, its called the Tomahawk. This time we are seated in a cage. Think its not scary? Well it is!!! This time, there isn't sit belt on your waist . There of cause have the shoulder thingy. And it also turns 360 degress. It like you're gonna fall off your chair,your legs will be dangeling in the air.

Then we went to the Lost City of Gold. Not sure what's this ride is called. The map isn't that good. Too compressed. Its the roller coaster. It was the scary roller coaster in sunway lagoon. As far for me. i don't ride roller coasters much, so i'm still affarid. up down up down up DOWWWNNN!!!! Screaming can be fun!!! LOL!!!

And ya-di-da-di-da...... Other rides we took together like the Grand Canyon River Rapid. Its a slowride. Not bad, speeding and falling at some points, fun. Here are some pics that my father manage to get, some.... The Tomahawk.
Tiger!!!SO Pretty!!!
Butch Cassidy Trail....... SPINNING BOOT!!!
I know, i know, this is a kiddy ride. We are lame enought to ride it.-_-" Maxine forced us to ride it. The blames on her!!!
Max waiting for the buffalo coaster. What are to two guys doing???
After a hard day of walking. Resting on a bench. My legs muscle hurts real bad. Long time no long walking ,did ALOT today. So it damn hurts now!!! Ouch!!! each step i take hurts.

Still we have to go back down the escalator to get out belongings and shower. The shower room was crowed. Everybody waiting in line. I cannot tahan until i sit on my bag, cause the floor is wet, which is a sacrifice for my bag. -_-. Legs are so pain...... After everybody was done, went up the escalator again. Its getting really annoying.

Before i mention the wrist band, yea, you have to pay for it, deposit,RM10per band. If 7o'clock you haven't return it, no refund for you!!! Thank goodness there was still like 5 minutes left. Everybody was rushing too.

After that we went out to have dinner together. So that's how i spent my New Year's Eve.

Look out, cause i'll be back soon!!!!

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