Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OMG!!! I can't believe my eyes!!! 2BALAU??!???!??!??!?

OKay, so today i went to school. SMKDJ. Was wondering if they really have the results to what class we will be going to next year. And what do'ya know. There it is. And i am going to 2Balau next year. OMG!!! I think they made a mistake or is my eyes playing with me???

Well ,here's it is. Go find my name. Look for CHIEW ZHI JUN. Its 2Balau right???!? LOL!!!

How can i survive in 2Balau??!?? I thought i would be going down, but instead i went up. Think gonna die. Real bad. Darn, that means more homework, more stress, more competition........EEEKKKKKK!!!!!!

Thank goodness Meng Xi is in the same class as me. WEEE!!!! I won't be lonely. LOL!!! Oh and thank goodness again, Balau is not the first class. Angsana is No.1 now. But that still leaves Balau to No.2.(CUT the last part)

More post are coming up. 2009 is almost here. Get ready to countdown.

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