Monday, December 22, 2008

Stephanie.T Birthday

22th December 2008:

Happy 13th Birthday to Stephanie Tiow. Stephanie celebrates her B'day at 1U. Neway, karaoke box. It was real' fun for me, cause this is the first time going out with friends to karaoke.

I was the first of the guest list to arrive. Steph and her mom were waiting at old-wing Mc'd, eating breakfast. I just bought an apple pie to fill my stomach. Not long later, Mei Yan came. So then we went to Neway which is in new-wing. Neway looks really grand, for a first timer.

Karaoke room. It was clean .....before we trashed it! LOL!

Today was also Joyce' last Japanesse class. SO she wouldn't miss it. But then she too wanted to come to Steph's party. She had some problems on transport and blah-di-da-di-da. So she and Steph firgure it out. At about 12 , Joyce finishes her Jap class and goes back home. Steph mom went to pick her up, while me ,mei, and b'day gal Steph stay'd at Neway.


Looks messy.....XD....... Steph can sing real good. Joyce has a singing voice and a talking voice.....its different......and me??? well....i don't know how i it good or bad???

Snapping picture fight. Lame right??!?........i started it. XP LOL

Steph's old classmate friend, also called Stephanie came extreamly late. The actual time starts at 11:30a.m. and ends at 2:30p.m. . Steph's friend and her friends' lil sis came at 2 something. late..uh-huh.....

Group photo! left to right. Crystal ,Stephanie and Stephanie, Mei Yan, Joyce and me!

Time was running out. The karaoke cuts of at 2:30p.m. and the two newly came' haven't even had a chance to sing and we haven't exchange our Christmas presents yet. So we rush up and done it quickly. Supposingly, you have to sing 2 solo's to get your present. I did sang one, but we ran out of time.

They added another 15mins after 2:30p.m. Just we rushed up and sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake. The cake was nice, think its butter and blueberry. No chocolate cake fan here ,kays?

After the karaoke, our next stop is the cinema. Went to TGV to watch 'The Beverly Hills Chihuahua' . Damn, those beverly pups are so pampered and lucky man.......i know,i know, its just a movie.....

Show's not bad.

I really like my exchange and re-exchange my Christmas present. Its from Joyce. Love the Blue Mickey mouse handphone pouch. Now i just thought of it, i goes great with my matching phone. A little bit of blue.>.^

Well thats about it. Help'd send Mei home, since her dad was busy. And Joyce followed me back to my house, cause her mom hasen't finish work yet. So Joyce just waited at my house and played a little GH. She offically kick my ass in GH. She wins. *waves white flag*


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