Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas. 24th of December. Christmas Eve.

Mmmm.......Lettsee what happen today.

First of, went to art class on Christmas Eve, so yea, not much people.... Sadly, i didn't do any Chritmas stuff. Last year already did an ornament, and this year stuff is not for me, it for kidz. So i drew a tiger. *ROAR!*

Kinda looks weird at this angle. ~Meow!

After art class, mom came and brought her friend. So they were shopping for clothes in Altria, me and Max are so impatian. *pacing back and foward*, MOM! CAN WE GO HOME NOW??!?So me and Max walked around Altria, not literally, and we went to Victoria Music Center. Looked around and found the Twilight Soundtrack!!! Eventhou Joyce already helped me download it, but hey, i am a Twilight fan!!! Twilighter!!! Sooo i gotta have it!
TWILIGHT!!!! Edward Cullen is SOOO HOT!!! *melts*

After that, i just found out that in the evening, we had this Christmas Eve party/dinner invite from my dad's friend. There were alot of people and alot of FOOD!!! hmm.....where to start.....noodles, friend rice, nasi lemak, curry, chicken, jelly, pineapple tarts, cornflake thingy, jelly, LAMB, Aloe vera drink (home made) ,cheeze, pizza, urmm....i can't and never think......
Got this Christmas present from under the tree at the party.Not including the christmas hat background. It says: *Happy bear* What makes you so happy??? P/S : its a Bear-y coin box.LOL!

After the party, we went home. All of a sudden, my dad came up and ask me: " hey, you wanna buy the urm....gossip girl season 2? my answer is YES!!!! duh! Sadly i just found out that it isn't complete. The show is still in the making/casting??? I'm not sure....hmmm.....does anyone know where to watch GG in Malaysia?? What channel ,when , and what time. If anyone know, pleaze tell me. Thankx....

Gossip Girl Rocks!!!


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