Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday for CNY

Friday, 23 of January;

Had PPR today. We had to teach the PPR members to sing songs/dance. It was kinda horrible. How can you stuff 5 songs into anybody's brain in half an hour+ ??? And the ladang kuda sucks!!! Its our fist time doing it, so yea...=_=" Later on, after so-called teaching them the songs, most probably will do it again next next week, we played some games. First we played the wacking with a paper-stick name game, and then the blanket game. More on PPR, CLICK HERE.I wanted to take some pictures, but when i took out my phone, just wanting to take a few pictures, teacher then slap my leg:" SIMPAN(keep)!!!" haiz.... but then hui wei brought her camera and teacher was just staring at her not saying anything, i'm like....why she can bring her camera and take pictures and i can't take pictures with my phone??? Guess she got her permission....or a camera is a camera and a phone is a phone.....Mmm...

Joyce is freaking out from the PPR board. Last day of school for CNY holiday, 5 people didn't come to school from my class, all balik kampung already, i guess. Mmm.....don't think i'm going back to my hometown anyways, will see if my mom WANTS to go back. Happy Chinese New Year, its a long sentence, i get tongue tied, when like everybody says HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to me , then i'm like trying to say back but i can't , don't ask me why. So i'll go like : yea, you too; hey,thanks or some sort like that. Every teacher that comes in to our class,we will ask, ANGPOW???!? and well, you get the same respond of every teacher. NO. Lastly, the bell rang, everyone's like WOOHOO, Yippeee, AHHHH!!!! lol.... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! extra topic: When i was in my aunty's van, on my way to school, saw 1 or 2 couples. So yea, nowdays alotta people are already couples.... i'm such a loner =_="


Went to Tropicana City. Still very new, empty, as in shops. Went to BORDERS and bought this.....

DEATH NOTE!!! AHHH!!!!! L.O.V.E it!

Fianlly i got them! Last time when i didn't get them, i was like going crazy. Now i am SOOooo Happy!!! WEEE!!!!~HUGS BOOK!!! I know, i know , these comics are like super expensive, it cost me about RM27.90per book. But i just LOVE Death Note so friggin' much, gotta have it. hehe....

After that we went to carrefour to buy some stuff. Oh and NEVER EVER EVER wear heels when you know that you are walking long distances. My pinky toe hurts, real badly. OWwW!!! Mom had a little problem with the price thingy, so me and my dad had to wait for an hour infront of the servis counter like Standing ducks, eating sushi. Its' really ridiculous waiting there for an hour to get back 85cents. Crazy right??

Went back, had piano class. Horrible as usual, killing teacher with my dreadful paino playing

Till then, XOXO, i'll be back soon...

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