Friday, January 16, 2009

16th January 2009

Today was the first PPR meeting for 2008.

How was it....Hmm............can't decide......maybe a little awkward........hmm....

Being a Patrol's a more difficult than i thought. Well not really, i know a Patrol Leader's job is hard.....can't complain, i got myself into this mess. LOL!!! JKJK.

Okay, enought about that.

Call me crazy, but i am SOOO in love with Death Note!!!

One of the greatest movies i ever saw!!! L is the Best!!!

Ken'ichi Matsuyama, aka L. Isn't he cute??? Lollypop!!!

L is so sweet with his sweets!!! L rocks!!!

Baby tumb pose is cute!!! LOL!!! Love you ,L!!!

Ken'ichi Matsuyam is a good choice for playing the role of L. L holds phone like this!!!^.^ and sit like that, and eats everything sweet!!!

This is what happens when you have a new note book and nothing eles to do. School can get alittle boring

2 Balau is getting

till then.... DEATH NOTE/L RULES!!!!

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