Friday, January 30, 2009


Today went shopping with Joyce and her mom. It was so much fun walking around KL. We went to Sungei Wang and Petaling Street(China Town). And we were out hunting for Death Note!!! And here's what i got:

59 pieces of wonderful pretty pictures.

Light with apple keychain. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! So CUTE!!!! To all SMKDJ's pengawas, is this allowed in school????

Death Note T-shirt. L!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

(Back) L change the WorLd!!! L rocks!

Death Note I set.
Death Note, Pen, Soundtrack and booklet. *HUGS IT*

Sad thing is that i can't find Death Note manga in ENGLISH!!! I found DN in chinese and even Malay, but not english!!! EESHHH!!! And i kena a shopkeeper scold. BAKA SHOPKEEPER!>=P

~~Yesterday, i went online using my dad's laptop. The only computer that can go on MSN. I chatted with my cousin from Sweden. It was really fun, it's been a long while since we chatted, so we had extra more to share. Oh and my fathers mom's sister, daughter and her family came and visit us. I'd seen them one are twice before, and they have 3 sons. I just found out that one of them are studing in the same school as i am(SMKDJ), form 2 and he is in 2 Cengal. But sadly, i didn't catch his name,cause i was busy chatting with my cousin from Sweden. hehe....XD And Maxine was entertaning them by playing Guitar Hero. Maxine LOVES Guitar Hero!!!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH JOYCE, for bringing me along with your mom to shop!!!


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