Saturday, February 7, 2009


5.2.09.Thursday. School.

When i first go to school, i was still feeling fine. After the 1st and 2nd period, i start to feeling really dizzy....fainting..... i actually thought i was like low on sugar or something like that, but that was just a unposible guessing... so i suffered thru the whole day at school..... you may even think i'm emoing or moody. Well what do you know, i'm down with a horrible fever and headache.

So when i got home, i drop dead and check my temperature. 39 degree. So went to see the doctor , she just gave me one medicine that looks like panadol. Doesn't matter, cause at home also no more panadol.


Stayed at home. Resting. Sadly i didn't go for PPR today, plus i was in no condition to do anything, so dizzy. Hope you guys had fun. And of course, i did not go to school. Hmpt.....homework's gotta wait till i get back to school then. I'm feeling better now. Having a sore throat now. Ouchy! Oh and i finished reading another fantastic book, Death Note: Another Note" The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases" If it's Death Note, its always fantastic. The story is GREAT!!!as always, hah! It cost RM 61.90, daddy bought it for me,yay! Its a novel, good for you! hah!!! I want the manga la!!! book 5 onward.....

Best book so far, top-ed my chart.

Since i didn't go to school, i remembered that Joyce lent me this anime,BRAVE STORY. Its okay. The background drawing/animation is very nice. It's a fantasy story.

7.2.09. Saturday.

Today, the first day of tuition. Same tuition with Joyce, but i'm only taking BM. First day, the teacher sat on the table, and broken it. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAA!!!!! The class was laughting like shit. Pic's with Joyce.

Dad bought me the DN puzzle. I want more DN puzzles or posters to fill up my room. Doing another side now. HAH!

L's not in it. But nevermind, near and mello are in it! Light is in it too.

That's all for now, i think......

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